Who am I…?

My name is Christian White.


This represents my professional resume, presented in two parts.

I live a professional duality of sorts; as I am an esoteric researcher and investigator, as well as an internet and territorial forensics expert.

I have worked professionally as both a forensics consultant, developer and investigator alongside local, state and federal law enforcement agencies on various high profile crimes and cases and I have also passionately dedicated over twenty years to exploring and documenting all areas of paranormal experience.

On the forensic side, I offer private and totally confidential consultations on all standard investigation platforms; such as missing persons cases, cold cases, active criminal investigations and surveillance work as well as offering a wide and highly customaizable spectrum of personal, legal, political and corporate intelligence and security packages.

I have specializations and field ops design and implentation, advanced pattern development skills and unorthodox serial pathology and profiling techniques.

On the esoteric side, I offer personal, confidential and always completely discreet paranormal and psychospritual consultations; including home or business visits, mediumship practices as well as varying unique intuitive services that can be made available upon individual request.




I developed and designed a highly brand new and highly adaptive investigational and predictive forensic methodology enabling raw informational pattern-development and intuitive deduction methodology that, along with our own GIS based predictive mapping tech can confidently establish conceptual physical forensic ‘roadmaps’ that can and have been applied to successful effect across such operative platforms as law enforcement, criminal profiling and pursuit, corporate security, political strategy as well as intelligence pursuits.

This form of Internet Forensics is best utilized in covert detection, serial criminal pathology, historical UNSUB cases, cold case files, criminal psychological and modus profiling, esoteric scientific and metaphysical investigations as well as intellectual property discovery and fraud investigations.


This geographical discipline, developed alongside GIS expert Nic Hardisty, creates highly authentically predictive interactive mapping systems that can establish highly effective geographical and historical behavior paradigms which have been used both in the dissection and contextualization of past events as well as the predictive conceptualization of future human pathological motive and investigative patterns.


I developed and pioneered this highly versatile territorial forensic mapping methodology which utilizes a spectrum of unique tools to successfully uncover even the most finite trace evidence and ephemeral area detail which capably illuminates even the most obsure human activities.

Using data drawn from everything scattered about an area of public use; from human refuse to grafitti to vehicular tracks, this one of a kind methodolgy offers an investigation platform of highly honed tracking orientation and mapping techniques.

These field tested techniques are specifically developed to be performed utilizing an extremely precise mix of thorough Native American Tracking Techniques partnered with state of the art field surveying technologies as well as aggressive intuitive discovery sensibilities I honed over years of practice and apprenticeship in various disciplines.

This new, customizable forensic tool is best applied in such platforms as missing persons cases, cold cases as well as intellectual informational and property discovery.

I also have specialization in both serial human criminal pathology and advanced pattern-development.




I was able to personally process all existing data related to this twisted series of grisly, senseless killings of women.

From there, I researched and investigated new leads and implemented undercover field ops that led to the possibile exposure of a newly discovered serial murder suspect quite possibly still operating in Southeastern MA as well as the RI borderlands.



I spent well over a year directly and intimately involved in investigating, researching and rethinking the deeply mysterious and highly controversial ‘Smiley Face Killer’ series of drowning and disappearances, involving potentially well over 100 victims in both the US as well as Europe which has confounded law enforcement and the media for well over two decades.

My forensic methods have succesfully uncovered various new, highly useful clues and points of physical evidence that have been accepted into the legal caseflow for direct consideration of at least two potential victims of these alleged crimes.

I also developed an entirely seperate, case-wide theoretical hypothesis, which can be accessed here on this blog.



I served as one of the strategic advisors to US Congressional Candidate Anthony Gemma, in which I personally designed, implemented and performed a full intelligence and covert counter intelligence based investigational security detail for his 2012 United States congressional political campaign.



I professionally consulted and then subsequently closely assisted local, state and federal law enforcement agencies in the hunt for one of New England and America’s most prolific serial bank robbery suspects – ‘The Bearded Bandit’, who in one year robbed 9 federal institutions while alluing capture as well as justice.

In this investigation, I successfully implemented a mix of territorial and internet based forensic pattern development techniques as well as utilizing our own patented predictive interactive GIS mapping system which, after only nine days of work, led directly to the successful apprehension and subsequent conviction of the serial armed bank robbery fugitive Justin Worley, otherwise infamously known as ‘BEARDED BANDIT’.

An article covering our work supporting the apprehension of Federal fugitive – Justin Worley.

Media coverage via WPRI NEWS:

By Bill Tomlison

After nine bank robberies over the past few months, FBI officials say the Bearded Bandit is finally behind bars — and local law enforcement may have had a little help from a Rhode Island College student, recognizing the patterns.


Like a gumshoe tracking Carmen Sandiego across the globe, RIC student Nic Hardesty used geography and online mapping software to help police anticipate the suspected bank robber’s next move.

It’s not GPS — which tracks where something is on the planet using satellites — but GIS, or a geographic information system, which logs geographic data and determines a pattern. Hardisty’s old geography professor, Seth Dixon, invited his former student to tell his story to a new map-tracking class Monday morning.


“We predicted within about 600 feet the location of the bank he would hit,” Hardesty said. “We provided other information that we feel directly contributed to the capture.”

Hardisty had teamed up with his partner, internet forensics expert Christian White to use this GIS technology.


The men found the Bandit was going into banks in the suburbs, not the city of Providence itself. That raised the question:

Was the Bandit even concerned about the Providence police force?


Hardisty and Christian White then started simply considering the probable locations.

Most of the banks robbed had multiple routes to highways.

Furthermore, they were never in locations where there was a dead end.

Also, his foot escape path was always well planned and highly logical.

That kind of forethought — if it was consciously considered by the crook — could be why it took several months to zero in on the Bearded Bandit.

Next, they looked at what else was around the banks. One common neighbor not too far — a short walk, or run, from the banks — was a Rite Aid pharmacy.


The Bandit was parking in Rite Aid parking lots and walking from there. Why? That remained to be seen, but they decided to go with it.

Based on that, they found five different potential next targets.

That was on Sept. 17.

The next day, two other financial institutions were held up. The markers for those holdups and two of Hardisty and White’s predictions match almost exactly.

Though there were extenuating circumstances in those cases, Hardisty said they felt their method was still working.

They got their data to police just a couple days before he was taken in.

Last week, Seekonk and East Providence Police arrested m. 33-year-old Justin Worley at a Seekonk motel — right after the detectives met to compare notes on the bandit’s capers.


Worley soon confessed to the crimes credited to the Bearded Bandit. The beard was just a disguise, officers said.

“With a chain of crimes, GIS systems can break down where a criminal’s been going and where he or she will go next”, said Christian White.

“You can actually absolutely predict — with almost one hundred percent certainty — these people’s next move, and I think law enforcement is starting to see the potential in that,” he said.

“We think that the process we used is sound, and we think that we can apply it to most serial crimes,” added Hardisty.

Justin Worley was sentenced Friday July 24, 2013 in U.S. District Court in Providence to 6 years, one month in Federal Prison.


He plead guilty in March to last year’s robberies of eight banks in Rhode Island and one in Massachusetts.

He has never testified or commented publically to this day.

All told, Worley’s nine robberies netted about $32000.


Here is another article covering the forensics and predictive GIS mapping systems Nic Hardisty and I developed for successful use in this apprehension as well as in possible future serial criminal pathology cases similar to ‘The Bearded Bandit’:





As an esoteric researcher and investigator within the paranormal industry, I have been lucky to have visited and investigated many infamous as well as unknown ‘highly active’ locations all over the world and I have apprenticed, observed and assisted with numerous cases of Spiritual Contact, Vampirism, Ufology, Demonology, Possession, Profound Hauntings, and other related Parapsychological and Psychospiritual Events.

I am a practiced and experienced professional within these sometimes highly subjective areas and understand the dramatic personal effects these cases can have on those who believe they are in contact with it.

I am an empathic person and do also offer selective mediumship on a case by case basis.

I have extensively researched and investigated manifestational and spiritual presences and hauntings within domestic residences, commercial properties and abandoned as well natural environments.

I also have confidentially worked for many years as a consultant and researcher for the US Federal Government on numerous Esoteric Projects and ThinkTanks.

I am truly personally and professionally dedicated to this incredible field of paranormal study and experience and I have been blessed to have studied with many notable experts.

I consider myself highly skilled, psychically intuitive and, most importantly, I treat every case with truth, openness, the utmost professionalism, decency, respect and intelligence.

I am also completely discreet in all ways, and all discussions, consultations and arrangements are kept 100% completely and entirely private, confidential and protected at all times.


In 2010, Jason Mayoh, Brian Harnois and I developed and produced a three part paranormal televsion series for the PBS network.


I co-produced and created, as well as edited, researched and appeared in three seperate sixty minute episodes of the televison show ‘HAUNTED RI’…


The pilot episode, which premiered in September of 2011 to record viewing numbers has continued to air on various PBS affiliates, as have the subsequent two parts of the series.


The episodes include comprehensive segments on legends such as the supposed 19 year old ‘vampire’ Mercy Brown, The famed “Night Watchman Ghost”, Peleg Walker and even the the infamous Ramtail Mill itself, which even while having burned to the ground over a century ago, still can be said to be heard spectrally operating deep within in the miasma of dense, old forest growing wild in the wilds of legendary Foster, RI.


Here is a 6 minute segment from the pilot episode of ‘Haunted RI:


And here is another link to an article, courtesy of The Warwick Beacon, which covers the genesis of the PBS series – ‘HAUNTED RI’:



In 2011, Jason Mayoh and I also co-produced a feature length documentary for PBS on one of New England’s most mythic characters…a woman named Dolorthy Ellen Cole, whose tall tales amazingly still linger on into our modern minds and age.

Jason and I had come across countless stories of this mysterious woman, dead for over a century, who was said to have been steeped in the dark arts and who now is rumored to appear to many locals as a ghostly harbinger of malice, witchcraft and magic.

These long passed down stories and whispers have become –



On this PBS project, I served as co-producer, researcher, writer and editor of a dissection of folklore and historical detail surrounding a mysterious woman named “Dolly Cole”, who some say was a witch, or a vampire, or even a murdered prostitute who dressed in men’s clothing.

The documentary also set out to express a new understanding of not just the storied myths that make us who we are, but of the true nature and very reality of witchcraft as it existed and still exists in rural New England…then and now.

The film originally aired in May of 2012 and continues to air on various PBS affiliates to this day.

Here is the teaser trailer for the film:


And, here is a clip from the film:


DVDs of the 3 part PBS series ‘HAUNTED RI’ as well as the PBS documentary ‘THE LEGENDS OF DOLLY COLE’ are available upon request.


In 2011, I worked on a confidential 8 month research project funded by the US Federal Government.

Although I cannot speak on the specific context of the research I was performing, I can openly display the 4 volumes of intel and data I collected and arranged which served as the backbone of my ultimate findings, opinion and report.


Drawn from this 1800+ research bible, and in part from my personal contacts, access and unorecedented experiences during this time, I wrote a ‘unifying theory’ of modern ufology entitled –

“The Last Days of Dreamland”

Here is a link to the document, in its entirety:


And, for those interested, here are links to my ufology research bible:






Here is a recent article profiling my paranormal experiences which was featured in the September 2013 issue of RI Monthly Magazine:


by Erin Swanson

PBS’s HAUNTED RI allowed viewers to explore the Ocean State’s spookiest settings from the safety of their own living rooms. From legends of witches and vampires to tales of murders and exhumations, each episode evoked both terror and curiosity:

Do spirit ghosts truly exist?

The television show’s co-producer Christian White was kind enough to take me on an unforgettable esoteric tour to five of Rhode Island’s most actively haunted spots.


We began in Providence by heading west on Atwells Avenue towards the highway overpass that marks the boundary between the city’s most lively dining strip and one of its greatest haunted locales.

We turned right onto Eagle Street and traversed the Woonasquatucket River, arriving at the ominous Butcher Block Mills.


“We’ve crossed water, a bridge and train tracks,” White said.

“All three signal you’re entering into someplace bad.”

It’s no coincidence that the historic mill is located on Eagle Street either; the eagle is a totemic animal, having potential to emblemize a spirit clan.

Some believe an unsolved murder was committed here in 2010 and the body tossed into the river.


The 200-acre Swan Point Cemetery on Providence’s Blackstone Boulevard dates back to 1846 when a man named Thomas Hartshorn purchased its first 59.5 acres of land.

Recently, while examining photos, cemetery personnel were shocked to see that all three of Hartshorn’s children died in 1845.


“Of course there are ghosts here,” White said.

“People come to cemeteries to mourn, which gives off a concentrated current, much like electricity, upon which spirits can attach themselves.”

We hopped in the car and drove south to the Chestnut Hill Baptist Church Cemetery in Exeter where alleged vampire Mercy Lena Brown is buried.


When we rolled to a stop on a long dirt road less than a mile from our destination, a salt-of-the-Earth farmer peered into the car with a knowing smirk.

“You must be looking for Mercy Brown,” he said.

“You can’t miss her…She’s right by the tree.”


Once there, I noticed that the grass around her grave was worn to dirt, her headstone adorned with flowers and candy.

As I attempted to snap a photo, my iPhone suddenly froze.

“I’d put that away if I were you,” White warned.


“Lena hates having her picture taken.”

We headed next to Newport’s Cliff Walk, where White divulged the legend of the lady in the red dress.


“Supposedly, a young woman committed suicide here after stabbing her husband up on Bellevue,” he said.

“When the tide is low, a woman with long black hair appears at the point.” Prior to learning of the tale, White was walking the path with friends one evening when he heard a female whisper.

“There was no breeze or wind that night and the voice was unmistakable. We all recognized the sound at once…very, very chilling.”


Exhausted, we made the trek back north to Woonsocket’s Precious Blood Cemetery, the resting place of Marie Rose Ferron, the stigmatized martyr who died in 1936 with a crown of thorns around her head and blood pouring from her eyes.

The cemetery is also the site of an eminently grisly incident.


“In the 1950s, a hurricane hit Rhode Island and this whole back corner beside the pond flooded out,” White explained as I viewed the graves still marked by simple wooden crosses.

“Caskets broke open and bodies just washed away.”

The pond seemed so peaceful yet held so many tragic secrets…


A simple metaphor for a complex world.



If you would like any further information on any services I provide, past investigations or for any info on personal or professional consultations of all kinds…

Please feel free to contact me at any time –


thank you,

Christian White
Providence, RI


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