“i am tied…

to the whipping post –




to the whipping post –


oh lord, i feel like im dyin’…”

via gnosis.org


“…And I left that region behind me and came to
the gate of the second sphere, which is the Fate…

Then were all its gates thrown into agitation and opened of themselves.

And I entered into the houses of the Fate, shining most exceedingly, and there was no measure for the light that was about me, for I shone in the Fate forty-and-nine times more than in the first sphere.

The powers of the second sphere are amazed and fall down and adore him.

And all the rulers and all those who are in the Fate, were thrown into agitation and fell on one another and were in exceeding great fear on seeing the great light that was about me. And they gazed on my vesture of light and saw the mystery of their name on my vesture and fell into still greater agitation; and they were in great fear, saying:

‘How hath the lord of the universe passed through us without our knowing?’

And all the bonds of their regions and of their orders and of their houses were unloosed; they all came at once, fell down, adored before me and sang praises all together to the interiors of the interiors –

…being in great fear and great agitation.”


for sophia.


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