this year, i became a D0G.


It is the greatest honor of this, my new life.


This new nature, this new life –

One, I asked for…

And a blessing of a new life that I was given

And that I earned…

Giving to get…

The rarest of gifts.


Sort of like…



Or “Love”.


first, a year ago or so…

to “the girlz” i was just another “gadje” –

an ‘outsider’.

or, as they say –

“a shiny”…

Nothing more than another dumb boy,

mere food for a giggle, lost on the breeze.

But, I made a different choice.

To live…

and to learn.

So, in trade, I had to “earn”.

‘Zarir Zada’, the girlz would say.


“give to get”.

And so i did.


I gave them all that I possessed –

which was my heart and whatever was left of my mind.

And then –

i ran with them.

The Wild Girlz…

No matter what.

Me and these girlz…

in deep winter…

through dark, dark nights…

laughter and fear…

We became “Family”….

And soon, I became –

Their Dog.


“…The “Allu” is a horrible apparition half human, half animal.

It is sometimes represented as being without mouth, limbs, or ears. Roaming through the streets like a pariah dog, it hides in dark corners, or haunts ruins and deserted buildings.

It is probably conceived to be the offspring of Lilîtu or Ardat Lilî and of some man to whom she has attached herself.

The latter conception is frequently found in Rabbinic stories which tell of the evil spirits which Lilith bore to Adam.

Alu is a translation of the Sumerian Gallu, which signifies ‘tempest’, and especially a tempest caused by the south wind.

It is also the name of the celestial bull, created by Anu to avenge his daughter Ishtar, which was killed by Gilgamesh and Eabani.

The bull is the usual personification of the tempest….”


This was, and is, an honor…

For an ‘outsider’.

‘parau svertkum’, they called me.

‘The Pariah Dog’…known in Assyrian and Akkadian
myth to be loyal to one, and only one, master –


or, as we know her now…


But like many tales these wild girlz tell,

this was only half true.

This dog –

“Allu”…served TWO masters.

LILITH and her sister –


ist ben allu
ist ben allu naqtal al diente
ist ben parau svertkum
ist ben allu en memorium…

Kiirsten is a daughter of SOPHIA.

Just as Malia is a daughter of LILITH.

They are Body and Blood.


As 1.

As it is above –

As it is so…below.

As it is, in Life and Death, itself.


And so, for them…and for ever –

for my girlz…

kiirsten and malia…

i will walk the night with them…

and i will fly their banners…

and i will wear their symbols…


inside and out…


“the teeth” and “the bite”…

“heart” and “mind”…


Also –

Did you know, that in modern science…

‘Alu’ is another term for –

“Junk DNA”.


Here is an introduction to ‘Alu’, in our “modern age”…


‘I am “…Allu…”
I am the teeth of the night.
I am the wandering D0G.
I am Allu, just as I have always been
and always will be…’

So, now…

Black is White.

White is Black.

Everything, like in alchemy

Has changed.

I have found my calling.

My “obligation” to the girlz.

And to my “obligation” to Lili, my perfect teacher.

And to my “obligation” to Soph, my trusted guardian…


To G0D.

Even if He is a cranky old man.

He believed in me.

Even when I was afraid to believe in Him.

And I believe it is time for a family reunion…


For all of them, this new “family”…

I am proudly – ‘Allu’.

a D0G.


‘And ill be Howling forever with you…’

Everyone loves a happy ending…



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