“…Who Is Mike Mulugeta?…”

Aeons ago –




“…Some of The Roma Clan have a belief that “The Three Marys”
from the New Testament slipped away to the shores of France and baptized a gypsy called – “Sarah”.


Others refer to “Sarah”, their Black Goddess as ‘Black Cally’
or ‘Black Kali’…


In 1448, four decapitated female skeletons were discovered in the foundation wallz of a church in southern France and were tentatively identified as those of The Three Maries and the gyspsy girl, Sarah, their Egyptian servant.

Over time, Mary Magdalene disappeared from the trio of Mary’s and today, only Mary Jacobé and Mary Salomé are the official Saints of the Catholic Church.

One legend says that Mary Magdalene became a hermit, grew her hair long and hid herself in a cave to atone for her sins.


“Sarah” has been all but forgotten by the Church and the official modern version of the legend offered by the Church authorities is that only the two Maries (Jacobé and Salomé) arrived in a boat from Palestine with their servant Sarah
who is now called Saint Sarah despite the fact that officially there is no such saint in the hierarchy of Catholic saints.

Equally mysterious is the presence of the black female statue in the crypt of the church in Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer, France.

The present statue is said to have replaced an previous statue, which in its turn replaced an earlier one.

Most Romani worldwide and of different religions celebrate “Sarah” in one form or another and by alternative names…”


and so, then…

Aeons later

via theatlantic.com


“…The false name of the suspect originated at 2:14 a.m…


It was a Friday night, a city in KHAOS, as an official on the Boston police scanner spelled out the following name as one of the suspects during the drama that led to the real
suspects’ capture:

“Last name:

Mulugeta, M-U-L-U-G-E-T-A…

M as in – Mike, Mulugeta.”

The official didn’t directly name “Mike” as the first name, but just “M.”

And yet, the name of suspect number one was born…


Anonymous News first broke the news of the false suspects who were supposedly identified by the police…


Sunil Tripathi was the first to be wrongly accused as one of the bombing suspects…


It started on Twitter and Reddit with the speculation that a missing Brown University student (Tripathi) was one of
the bombers…


According to The Atlantic, a girl who went to high school with the Brown student thought she recognized him in the images of the suspects released by the FBI on Thursday…


It was a leading story on Reddit and it wasn’t long before
the name – Sunil Tripathi – went viral…”


via footstepsattheriversedge.blogspot.com

“…On April 23, 2013…

Sunil Tripathi’s body was discovered in the waters off India Point Park in Providence, R.I. An identification was made based on dental records. Authorities did not immediately determine the cause of his death but said his body had been in the water for some time…



Name/age: Sunil Tripathi, 22
Hometown: Bryn Mawr, Pa.
Last seen: 03/16/13, 11 a.m. at 204 Angell Street, Providence, R.I.
Recovered: 04/24/13, India Point Park, Providence, R.I.
Home Town: Bryn Mawr, Pa.
Physical Description: 6’2,” 130 pounds
Last wearing: jeans, a black fleece with this black EMS ski jacket on top and his Philadelphia Eagles hat. He was also wearing glasses at the time.


Sunil Tripathi, 22, was last seen the morning of March 16, 2013 at approx. 1:33 am near his apartment close to the university’s campus. He is presently on a short leave from his studies as a Philosophy Major, with impeccable grades, at Brown University. The police and FBI have expanded their search from Providence to Philadelphia, Boston and other large metro areas nearby.

A housemate said he was wearing blue jeans, an Eastern Mountain Sports ski jacket, glasses, and a Philadelphia Eagles wool hat. He left his home without his wallet, cellphone or his bicycle which is his main form of transportation. Sunil grew up near Radnor and Bryn Mawr, Pa.

He has been living in Providence since 2008 and is a talented saxophonist, belongs to a chess club and a deep critical thinker. He has exhibited some bouts of depression, however was not diagnosed as depressed. A short note left behind was somewhat cryptic and it is not known if he may have walked off to try and live a more “unstructured life to find himself” or if he may have been suicidal.

Sunil’s family states that he went out with Brown classmates on the eve prior and had tea.

He spoke to his grandmother on the phone and texted with his aunt until late in the evening and nothing seemed amiss. A surveillance camera spotted a person dressed and who looked like Sunny walking south on Brook and George St at 1:33 am. and was walking away from his home.

He just exited his computer activity only 19 minutes prior to being captured on tape.

He often walked along that route…”

Meanwhile, a wurld away…


In a remote Greek Roma Gypsy camp in the outskirts of Lamia –

A missionary believes she has spotted the infamously
missing child –

Madeline McCann.


During a drug raid on the camp, the missionary allegedly
reports a blonde, fair eyed child seen amongst
the traditionally darker skinned wandering nomads
known as “The Roma”.

The child, allegedly named ‘Stanka’, but dubbed –

Maria…”The Blonde Angel”


…by the world media is, after being seized from her ‘family’ and genetically tested, proven NOT to be the lost child, Madeline McCann afterall.


via dailymail.co.uk

“…The mother of ‘blonde angel’ Maria – the little girl who sparked an international investigation after she was found living with a Roma gipsy couple in Greece – stands little chance of ever being reunited with her daughter.

The Athens charity Smile of the Child has been appointed as Maria’s temporary guardian.

‘She seems a normal, happy child,’ he said.

‘She is playing, she is doing well under the circumstances.’…”


‘From Lamia to Sofia’…


Little “Maria” is found to be the biological offspring of another, seperate Roma couple in Sofia, Bulgaria…

However, again, she is mysteriously and quite dubiously not returned to that family either…


via noninite.com

“…The child, known as “Maria”, was found by Greek police during a drug raid on a Roma community near Larissa in
central Greece.

A 40-year old woman and 39 -year-old man have been arrested and charged with kidnapping, since DNA tests revealed that the couple with whom “Maria” lived was not her biological parents.

Greek authorities then requested assistance from Interpol to find the parents of the girl.

A team of journalists from http://www.zougla.gr, the Greek News Portal of one of the best-known investigative journalists in Bulgaria’s southern neighbor, Makis Triantafyllopoulos, revealed Thursday morning that the parents were –

Bulgarian Roma Sasha and Atanas Rusevi…


The Greek journalists published the ID cards of the family with the prosecution’s permission.

This led the authorities to the Roma quarters of the Bulgarian town of Nikolaevo in the central Stara Zagora region.

The couple was questioned Thursday by local police and was later taken with three of their children to the capital Sofia for further questioning and for DNA tests ordered by the Bulgarian Interior Ministry.

According to the most recent reports, the results of the test are not yet available.

The presumed biological mother, Sasha Ruseva says she gave Maria as “gift” to an acquaintance in Greece, who was childless and offered to take care of the girl.

At the time, the child was 7-months old and was named “Stanka”.

She is adamant she has not sold the child, and poverty forced her to simply let other people raise her.

Some neighbors, however, claim the couple was paid
BGN 500 for the baby.

Sasha, 38, and Atanas have between 7 and 10 children.

However, they, themselves, are not sure of the exact number.

Five of the children in the family have light skin and bear an obvious resemblance to the girl found in Greece.

The family is very poor and all live in one room.

TV footage showed Maria’s siblings walking around the filthy home and neighborhood half naked.

They seldom have anything to eat, but flour gruel.

bTV also reported that the “blond” gene of the five children was inherited from the mother Sasha who has albinos in her kin.


Greek psychologists established that Maria has been abused.

They say she is very aggressive and describe her reactions as those of –


“a beast”.


And this all began…

A small child hiding and waiting,
huddled underneath a pile of blankets…

Amidst dust and rubble…

in an ancient land….

She is a secret…

And She is, in this secret

Something more than just…


A little girl…

She is just one, of many little girlz…


With the blood of God in their heartz…


And the blood of men staining the braids of their
white gold hair.


Little girls, waiting in the dust and the dark…

for the wurld to see them rise up…

like it has alwayz been…

Like it is as with The Sun…


Or, as it will be when the oceans, all of them


When these writhing oceans also call out, rising…

to a tempest…

within the depths of these little girlz deep blue-green eyez.


always remember…

to anyone who thinks that history has short term memory –

A wise and wild girl once said:

“There is no such thing as History –

Its all HER’S…”


God is a lot of things.

To a lot of people…

One thing God is, to me

God is an artist.


Brilliant and loving, the first stroke…

A bitter swath of vengeance and contempt, the next.

But –

God is also very, very patient.

And, as the stories go –

Every thousand years or so…

He gets out his brush.

And He dips his quill into the red ink of all thingz…

And begins his work “agen”…


Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer, France to Agen, France…

3 hours 51 mins

Agen, France

255.1 mi

“What is known about the Cathars is pieced together by remnants of history that was not destroyed by the
Roman Catholic Church. To Rome, the Cathars were more frequently referred to as the Albigeneses,
because they lived in what is now the Tarn department of southern France, in the ancient Languedoc
region, with Albi a city in that department. The surviving history claims that the people did not call
themselves Cathar, which is a word rooted in the French word “cathare,” taken from the Greek root,
“katharos,” meaning, “pure.” Others saw these people and tagged them with the title of being “Pure
ones.” The Cathars considered themselves to be “Bon Homme,” meaning “Good Men,” but alluding to
“Good Christian.”

The name Albigeneses has become a fixture in European history as the Albigenesian Crusades, which
were the first attempts by the Roman Catholic Church to order a genocidal campaign within the realms of
Europe. This was new, as it differed from the Church’s repeated attempts to wage genocidal war in the
Holy Land. The success of the Albigenesian Crusades, which ultimately led to the complete annihilation
of the Cathar people and their religious order, was so complete that the Roman Catholic Church felt
secure in ordering other crusades in Europe (France and Spain), to focus on the other elements of
competition to their monopoly determining which souls went where. In the Albigenesian Crusades, the
leader Simon de Montfort will forever be remembered for giving the command, “Kill them all. God will
recognize his own.” This man was a devout follower of the Dominican Order, which would carry the sword
of death to all who followed a religion seen as in competition with the Vatican.

This point of entry was part of the presentation of The Templar Revelation, although it placed more focus
on the Saint Sarah, than the other raft occupants. The focus made by the authors of that book presented
Saint Sarah as the offspring of Jesus, with the mother being Mary Magdalene. This presentation was the
focus of Dan Brown’s mega-hit, The Da Vinci Code, such that Saint Sarah represented the Holy Grail, as
the bloodline of Christ. This presence in southern France, presumed to have been around the year 42 A.
D., became the seed in Europe that would ultimately become the royal lineages of France and England,
spread to all of Europe. However, the possibility remains to have had other impacts.

Before Nostradamus was expelled, he served an internship (as did all medical students at the university)
by being of service to the people during a new series of outbreaks of the plague (albeit much milder than
the Black Plague outbreak 100 years before). Nostradamus went west to Agen, France, the hometown of
his first wife and children. He served the people who were suffering there. Nostradamus promoted
cleanliness (rather than the technique of bleeding) as well as taking a “rose pill” he created (high in
Vitamin C), which saved several people in several towns. He picked up the reputation of being a healer,
but after his wife and children died of the plague, that reputation took a turn for the worse. Still,
Nostradamus continued to work to assist in plague-stricken areas of Provence…”….)


And every 1000 years, G0D brings his particular artistry of great vision and furious venom back towards our world…

His canvas, His palate…


So his daughters, like Us, can choose freely to rebel or “repel”, as they will and wont…


We are not just the paint he washes us into existence with…


Or the red ink, of which He strikes our fates…


And, We are not simply either, the canvas for which will bear
his sights and his desires and glories…


We are, like once were His own daughters…


His gift…


and His curse…


And like Him…

And His daughters who proceeded him into the void of our KHAOS –

We are The strong and The weak, alike…

and as ONE.




“…I chatski tsinuda de tehara, vai de haino, khal tut…”


“…Perdal l paya…”

Look around.

See the signs.

Learn the language.

Read the terrain…


If you want to, you will see It.

God and His Daughters and their great works of art –


Like us…

They are –



‘for Sunil and for Maria.’


‘and for The Roma, whoever and wherever they are…’


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