“…so that i may come back…”

This is an image, from 1968, of a little girl named –

Mary Flora Bell.


And, this next image is of Mary’s neighbor –

Norma Bell.


These two young girlz, neighbors of apparently no blood relation, were both arrested in August of 1968, for the
horrific murders and mutilation of two toddler aged young boys in a poverty stricken, squalid section of Newcastle on Tyne, England.


The nature of the crimes continues to shock England as well
as the rest of the world to this day.


“…Mary Flora Bell was an eleven-year-old monster who
caused a sensation in 1968 when she killed two small boys
in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England.

Martin Brown, four years old, was found asphyxiated in a derelict house, 85 St Margaret’s Road, in the Scotswood district of Newcastle on Saturday May 26th, 1968…”


“…That same day, on May 26, Norma Bell’s father caught
Mary seemimgly choking his 11-year-old daughter.

He reportedly “slapped her face” and sent her home.

A local nursery school was broken into a couple of days later.

Police investigating the incident found four notes,
one of which specifically referred to the death of
Martin Brown…”


“…On May 31, a newly-installed burglar alarm at the vandalized nursery school brought patrolmen rushing back to the scene, where they found Mary and Norma Bell loitering beside
the building.

Both girls fervently denied involvement in the previous
break-in, and they were released to the custody of
their parents.

Four days later, Mary Bell actually even casually appeared
at the Brown residence, asking Martin Brown’s bereaved mother, June Richardson, if she could see little Martin.

Richardson, bewildered, reminded Mary Bell of the tragedy,
to which Mary calmly, if not coldly stated to the
grieving mother –

‘Oh, I know he’s dead. I wanted to see him in his coffin.’

June Richardson, shocked by this, slammed the door in Mary’s grinning face…”


The newspaper image shown above, amazingly, actually allegedly depicts Mary Bell, who was ultimately convicted of the murder of Martin Brown, in front of the home of June Richardson, where the boy had lived.

Also, strangely, others of the area claim this to be not Mary Bell at all…

but, in fact, Norma Bell.


For these two girls, this confusion was seemingly normal,
as they were commonly seen together, and known in the area
at the time to be “inseperable” and almost like “sisters”
or even “twins” in their manner, behavior and appearance.

Mary Bell was said to be the “leader” of the two girls, and Norma, who was allegedly a child of low intellectual prowess, of course, was labeled her “follower” and “under Mary’s control”.

This case was notable due to many sadly overlooked clues that would have led directly to Mary and Norma Bell.

Mary Bell had even personally written out a “confession” regarding Martin Brown, including a chillingly precise image depicting the exact details of the boy’s body, where it was found and what type of specific items were in the vicinity of his body, including the word ‘tablot‘, as in ‘tablet’, referring to the various discarded pills that were, in fact, found strewn about the abandoned shack where Martin Brown was murdered and subsequently discovered…


This drawing was eventually revealed to be so accurate, that at one point, before the note was taken seriously, the authorities even considered the boy’s death to have been a probable case of accidental poisoning, as there were, as Mary accurately depicted, many discarded pills inside and the derelict premises, and the boy’s body showed the potential signs of “choking” and “foaming at the mouth”, commonly associated with an
accidental overdose-type death.

Mary Bell was also even heard by many witnessess, both children as well as adults, proclaiming herself as the murderer
of Martin Brown.

But, this too was simply, unbelievably…overlooked.

The girlz may, in fact, despite their callous bravado,
have actually escaped any consequence for the death of
Martin Brown…

Until authorities made yet another gruesome discovery…


“…On 31st July 1968 Brian Howe, aged three, was found
dead in a wasteground off Scotswood Road known locally as –

‘The Tin Lizzie’.


Brian Howe had also, like Martin Brown, been apparently led away to a deserted area and then strangled to death.

However, this time, his body had numerous small cuts on it…”


“…A pair of broken scissors lay adjacent to Brian Howe’s
body, in the grass.

There were puncture marks on his thighs, his genitals had been partially skinned, and clumps of his hair were cut away.

The wounds, to the Authorites, seemed bizarre.

‘There was a terrible playfulness about it, a terrible gentleness if you like, and somehow the playfulness of it made it more, rather than less, terrifying’, said Inspector
James Hobson.

Brian had been badly mutilated post-mortem, and most notably, his belly had been signed “M”, with what appeared to have been an implement like a razor blade.

Then, it was discovered that someone had originally actually imprinted an “N”, and that a fourth mark was added,
by a different hand, at a later time, to change the “N”
into an – “M”.

A medical examiner suggested that the killer might
have been a child, since relatively little force
was used.

Detectives started circulating questionnaires among the local children, asking suspects to account for their movements at the time of Brian’s death.

Quickly, the focus fell upon Mary Bell, and her neighbor Norma.

Answers from Mary and Norma Bell were proved to be
entirely inconsistent, and both girls were brought in
for further questioning.

While Mary claimed that she had seen an older boy
abusing Brian…

Norma soon completely broke down and told of watching
Mary Bell kill the boy.

At trial, in December 1968, upon her testimony against Mary Bell, Norma Bell was acquitted of all charges,
while 11 year old Mary Bell was subsequntly convicted on
two counts of manslaughter…”


The following is Mary Bell’s official confession –

I, Mary Flora Bell wish to make a statement. I want someone to write down what I have to say. I have been told that I need not say anything unless I wish to do so, but that whatever I say may be given in evidence.

Brian was in his front street and me and Norma were walking along towards him. We walked past him and Norma says, ‘Are you coming to the shop Brian?’ and I says, ‘ Norma, you’ve got no money, how can you go to the shop? Where are you getting it from?’ She says, ‘Nebby’ (Keep your nose clean). Little Brian followed and Norma says, ‘Walk up in front.’

I wanted Brian to go home, but Norma kept coughing
so Brian wouldn’t hear us.

We went down Crosshill Road with Brian still in front of us. There was this coloured boy and Norma tried to start a fight with him.

She said, ‘Darkie, whitewash, it’s time you got washed.’ The big brother came out and hit her.

She shouted, ‘Howay, put your dukes up.’ The lad walked away and looked at her as though she was daft.

We went beside Dixon’s shop and climbed over the railings, I mean, through a hole and over the railway. Then I said, ‘Norma, where are you going?’ and Norma said, ‘Do you know that little pool where the tadpoles are?’

When we got there, there was a big, long tank with a big, round hole with little holes round it. Norma says to Brian, ‘Are you coming in here because there’s a lady coming on the Number 82 and she’s got boxes of sweets and that.’

We all got inside, then Brian started to cry and Norma asked him if he had a sore throat. She started to squeeze his throat and he started to cry. She said, ‘This isn’t where the lady comes, it’s over there, by them big blocks.’ We went over to the blocks and she says, ‘Ar–you’ll have to lie down’ and he lay down beside the blocks where he was found. Norma says, ‘Put your neck up’ and he did.

Then she got hold of his neck and said ‘Put it down.’ She started to feel up and down his neck. She squeezed it hard, you could tell it was hard because her finger tips were going white. Brian was struggling, and I was pulling her shoulders but she went mad. I was pulling her chin up but she screamed at me.

By this time she had banged Brian’s head on some wood or corner of wood and Brian was lying senseless. His face was all white and bluey, and his eyes were open. His lips were purplish and had all like slaver on, it turned into something like fluff. Norma covered him up and I said, ‘Norma, I’ve got nothing to do with this, I should tell on you, but I’ll not.’ Little Lassie was there and it was crying and she said, ‘Don’t you start or I’ll do the same to you.’

It still cried and she went to get hold of its throat but it growled at her.

She said, ‘Now now, don’t be hasty.’

We went home and I took little Lassie home an all. Norma was acting kind of funny and making twitchy faces and spreading her fingers out.

She said, ‘This is the first but it’ll not be the last.’

I was frightened then.

I carried Lassie and put her down over the railway and we went up Crosswood Road way. Norma went into the house and she got a pair of scissors and she put them down her pants.

She says, ‘Go and get a pen.’

I said ‘No, what for.’

She says, ‘To write a note on his stomach,’ and I wouldn’t get the pen.

She had a Gillette razor blade.

It had Gillette on.

We went back to the blocks and Norma cut his hair.

She tried to cut his leg and his ear with the blade. She tried to show me it was sharp, she took the top of her dress where it was raggie and cut it, it made a slit.

A man came down the railway bank with a little girl with long blonde hair, he had a red checked shirt on and blue denim jeans.

I walked away.

She hid the razor blade under a big, square concrete block. She left the scissors beside him. She got out before me over the grass on to Scotswood Road.

I couldn’t run on the grass cos I just had my black slippers on. When we got along a bit she says, ‘May, you shouldn’t have done cos you’ll get into trouble’ and I hadn’t done nothing I haven’t got the guts. I couldn’t kill a bird by the neck or throat or anything, it’s horrible that.

We went up the steps and went home, I was nearly crying.

I said, if Pat finds out she’ll kill you, never mind killing Brian cos Pat’s more like a tomboy.

She’s always climbing in the old buildings and that.

Later on I was helping to look for Brian and I was trying to let on to Pat that I knew where he was on the blocks, but Norma said, ‘He’ll not be over there, he never goes there,’ and she convinced Pat he wasn’t there.

I got shouted in about half past seven and I stayed in. I got woke up about half past eleven and we stood at the door as Brian had been found: The other day Norma wanted to get put in a home.

She says will you run away with us and I said no. She says if you get put in a home and you feed the little ones and murder them then run away again.

I have read the above statement and I have been told that I can correct, alter or add anything I wish, this statement is true.

I have made it of my own free will.

Mary Flora Bell
(signed at 6:55 pm)…”

Before all of these events occured…

Mary Bell had been enduring, by all accounts, a remarkably sad, horrific and brutal childhood.

This does not excuse her actions, but is only here to reinforce some strange aspects of this “story” that are not widely reported as they are, of course, only conjecture.

For example, Mary Bell was born on May 26th, 1957.

Martin Brown was murdered on May 25th, 1968…

One day before Mary’s 11th birthday.

Also, both boy’s were allegedly reported to have been strangled by Mary in a manner that resembled almost a “massage” of the necks, that would, as Mary put it – “soothe” them.

The massaging of the throats were done in an almost “masturbatory” manner, or at least, perhaps, mimicking a reflective act of counter-sexualization.


“…Mary Bell’s mother, Betty McCrickett, was a known prostitute and reputed sadist, who was often absent from the family home, travelling to Glasgow to work.

Mary was her first child, born when she was sixteen years old.

It is not known who Mary’s biological father was, and for most of her life she believed it to be a man named Billy Bell, who was a habitual drunk and criminal later arrested for armed robbery, and who had married Betty McCrickett some time
after Mary was born.

Independent accounts from family members suggest strongly
that Betty had attempted to kill Mary and make her death look accidental more than once during the first few years of her life.

Mary herself says she was subject to repeated sexual abuse,
even going as far as her mother forcing her to engage in
sex acts with men from the age of five.

Mary Bell grew up in the Scotswood area of Newcastle,
an economically depressed area where domestic violence and criminal behaviour was commonplace.

As a result, her previous crimes, including attacks on other children at school, vandalism and theft did not attract undue attention.

Mary was described by court psychiatrists as –

“intelligent, manipulative, and dangerous”.

And, true to form, Mary Bell, from the moment she was incarcerated, proved herself to be a problem inmate.

In 1970, she fabricated charges of indecent assault against one of her wardens, but the man was fully and quickly acquitted
in court.

In September 1977, she escaped from Moor Court open prison with another inmate, but the runaways were captured
three days later.

In the meantime, they had allegedly met two boys with whom
they spent the night, a circumstance that placed the ego-centric
Mary Bell right back in tabloid headlines, where she happily offered a blow-by-blow account of how she gave up
her virginity…


In 1980, Mary Bell, aged 23, was released from Askham Grange open prison, having served 12 years.


She was granted full and impartial anonymity, including a new name, to freely start a new life with her daughter, who was
born on 25 May 1984.


Mary Bell’s daughter did not even know of her
mother’s past until Bell’s location was discovered by reporters and she and her mother had to leave their house with
bed sheets over their heads.

Mary Bell’s daughter’s anonymity was originally protected only until she reached the age of 18.

However, on 21 May 2003, Bell won a High Court battle to have her own anonymity and that of her daughter extended for life.

Any court order permanently protecting the identity of
someone is consequently known as a ‘Mary Bell order’.

In 2009, it was reported that Bell had become a grandmother…”


For me, this entire “story” revolves around one of the notes found during the pre-school break-in, allegedly written by either Mary or Norma Bell…


I fully believe that this note is absolutely crucial in understanding both the mind of Mary Bell as well as the horrible crimes she committed and has been convicted of…

Crimes which will follow her, much like her “friend”
Norma Bell…into eternity.

To be continued.


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