“…the littlest one…”

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‘Sometimes I felt she was like a vampire because of her strong personality – as if she was trying to suck emotion from me.’

– angela antonelli
prison guard, perugia

This is Mandy Knox…


i happened across this today…

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“…From the earliest moments of the investigation, prosecutor Dr. Mignini, who does not have any recognized training to investigate a murder, believed Amanda Knox was the ringleader in the small group who murdered Meredith Kercher.

Throughout the course of the case, Mignini and his team had proposed a variety of possible motives.

According to one theory, it was a satanic ritualistic orgy, carried out the day after Halloween; coincidentally, Mignini had made similar, unsubstantiated allegations in a previous case, unsuccessfully leveling charges at 20 people he claimed were involved in a satanic sect.

There was a claim Kercher was a “cult sacrifice,” then it was suggested the slay was a sex-game gone wrong, or that the victim had refused to take part in an orgy.

Next, there was the claim of jealousy, that Knox was resentful of her housemate.

Then came a proposition Knox stole 300 Euros from Kercher’s bedroom to buy drugs.

On another occasion, the prosecution speculated that Knox had flown into a rage “caused by smoking marijuana” and she’d taken to disliking Kercher because of several disagreements they were alleged to have had.

In a final attempt to provide a reason for the seemingly motiveless murder, Mignini said: “We live in an age of violence with no motive.”
Under prolonged questioning Mignini finally blustered, perhaps Knox was not in there at all.

It was an extraordinary suggestion from a man who had demonstrated in graphic detail — including a 23-minute animated cartoon in the courtroom — how Knox had plunged the fatal blow into Kercher’s neck. The video had been Mignini’s coup de grace, but here he was plainly telling a different version.

He again paused, his voice distinct: Knox, he said, had however “instigated the murder . . . by remote control.”

In other words, by remaining outside the bedroom but
“directing” the killing…”


and there you are again…


‘the littlest one.’


“…im pensando a voi e sono felice di volare libera…”

xo and “devilhorns” to you, foxy…

my sphinx of perugia…

and, my pal.


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