the wasp.

i wanted to post these pictures of my beautiful,
perfek friend, idol and hero — a girl i call…


well…sometimes, at least.

she is a girl with many names and many faces…

but her singular mind and firey heart give her away every time.

she is so much, my pride.

my pride in knowing her,

in fighting for and with her,

and the pride i get just in believing in her…

as well as believing in her belief in “me“.

all i am sayin’ is —

she iz a badass.

and…she is a TRUE legend.

an ICON, actually.

and best of all…

she’s my pal.



some time ago, THEO suffered a terrible injury
and was all but left for dead…

she has been treated in unnameably inhuman ways and she has been repeatedly cursed by multiple acts of hostility and cruelty to her psyche and her person…

truly horrendous acts, that would have crushed almost anyone else on earth.

injuries like this, for instance:


and yet…

she keeps getting back UP.

putting one boot in front of the other.

because, as it is with everything in THEO’s wurld…

no one tells THEO she’s done ’til THEO says she’s done.


look at her now:


this perfek girl, reborn from fire, and forged of steel.

her resolve, sacrifice, intelligence and heart astound me every day and i know for a fact she never receives the credit she deserves for her brilliance and defiance and tireless crusading for those less fortunate or those left helpless by others…

well, many of THOSE who would be oppressors are starting to remember that SHE is EXACTLY who SHE is, and so they are more likely now to watch over their shoulders…and always.

as they well should.

because, yes…this is a girl.

but…this is a also —

a wasp.

and one who stings and stings and stings
and never ever says die.

this is a girl who has been, is now and
always shall be the greatest genius ill ever know.

with a huge heart and a spirit that is unstoppable.

kid, you are always my friend and i love ya.

and, no matter what, i am always proud of you, and to know you.

“from one wasp to another…”


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