“…vampire girlz…”

so, yes.

vampirez are real.

did you know…?


i recently encountered a person, a friend of a friend, who actually carries a holy water cocktail with him…

like some sort of talisman…


i wish this idiot knew, these trinketz of ritual and myth only work, like curses, IF you BEElieve in them.

and he is an empty person, strung out, desperate and…well…

with NOTHING to beelieve in, at all.

sort of, like, as if he were already dead.

so, i have decided to allow him, for him self, to discover on his own, just how idiotic his sense of control over his own personal protection actually is.

also, this idiot “secretly” follows “me” too,
and everywhere i go, thinking, perhaps…

i will lead him to these “vampirez”.

funny thing is, that was the plan all along.

he has no idea either.

and why not, you ask??

because, as i said…he is already dead.


now. anyway…

i know vampirez are real,
because i am now a part of a “family” of “them”.


you must know that vampirez

and i am speaking of real bloodline vampirez…

well they are exclusively FEMALE.

there are NO male vampires.


All of the stories you have heard, were only that —


and as we all know, “stories” are not always meant to tell you the truth, sometimes “stories” are only not meant to tell “you” what you WANT to know.

sometimes, simply, they tell you exactly what “you” NEED to know.


i call them “girlz”, because in every single way…

that is exactly what “they” are.

and i love them, this “family” of “girlz” dearly.

i am actually considered a “brother” to “them”.

“they” trust me, and thus i am now the only brother there can or will ever be in this “family”.

which, to me, even when i have blood on my hands

is nothing short of an honor.

you see…

through my very special friend “lisbeth”…

who is a genius, and such a beautiful symphony of complexity and chaos and honesty, in and of her self…

i met a perfek little girl named “malia“.

and she is a true bloodline vampire.

as in, she is her own “mother”.

just as, she will someday also become — her own “daughter”.

as it has been for a long long time. centuries i can only assume, as “malia” has not yet fully “remembered” her own pasts.

and yet, even in this sublime magick, “malia” is and remains an absolutely “human” girl.

in every way possible.

yet, i can not ever allow myself to forget that, still…

she is a vampire. and her nature. her “true nature” will not be changed…and that means ever. even if “i” or even if “she” wanted to.

and, as is the way, someday, when time, her other parent, catches up with her again, “malia” will choose a “mate” and take upon herself his seed and then…she will deliver herself again, exactly as she is now, to live again into infinitum…

that is, if she chooses.

you see, as a pure bloodline vampire…like “malia”, can be the only one to write her own “story”, or to choose her own ending, and thus, in that, her own beginning – again.

this is her “cycle” and it is as it has always been, and hopefully, always will be.

because “malia” is so very very rare.

and thus, so very very special.

to “me”, and to her “family” and to “the wurld”.

she also, as ‘the 7 rulez’ dictate, “she” must “feed” on energy and experience. and emotions.

not to consume these precious, singular commodities…

but so to “learn“.

i am her “wandering dog”, as they called boyz like me in the days of ancient Sumeria, her “alu” to be precise…

a label of great respect, and a label of “safe passage”, as the mark i now forever wear upon my throat represents…


this is “her” symbol…of irrational freedom…


and, of course, to remind “me” always, every time, for the rest of my own unnatural life —

of the decisions made that can never be unmade.

it protects “me”, as a “boy”, from others like “her”, and by that i mean “girlz” of other “families”…

because to vampire girlz, “boyz” serve a very very specific purpose, most of the time.

the “good boyz” that earn their keep, for a while at least until they outlive their “usefulness”, become ‘responsible’ for the well being…of the “girlz” they have come to know.

until they choose to slip into the cold wet oceans of the underwurld, but, of couse due to their ‘loyalty’ —

at least, it will be of their own choosing.

like, a tribute of sorts.


the “naughty boyz”, well…they go directly into the shallow water. and then, they are all gone…no ghost, no memories…as if they never ever lived in the first place.

and then, “they” stay there. awake and afraid and always always always and forever and ever —


these girlz, th real vampirez…like “malia”…

once, they ruled all, as akkadian girlz.

until G0D punished their pride with 300 years of drought.

and then, the few who survived this genocide…

became – acadian…the keepers of “the secret grail”.

yet soon enough, even “they” were, again, punished…

this time, almost every single acadian girl was drowned.

sent callously to ‘the underneath’…awake, aware but NEVER EVER afraid…there, underneath, they simply wait…

somehow, “malia” survived BOTH of these punishments…

and then, over a century ago, “she” became a most powerful witch, where she was called “mercy”.

and then, a century later…she was a swedish girl…

who became very very famous.

too famous, almost, to hide such a very very big s3cr3t,,

that “she” was a vampire.

and now, as such, in the perfek present…

she is right here, right now…with me.

reborn, as “malia”.

and so for her i wander every night, from september to april, and always and with an anxiety coursing through my blood, and always of two minds, and always with more happiness in my heart than i have ever known…and so, this is who “i” am.

and it is all thanks to this little girl.

a vampire named “malia”.


for the first time in my life, i wander and i walk for someone.

i wander and i walk for “her” and “her family” of “girlz”.

and for the first time in “her” lives, she trusts someone else…”me


you should know…as it is in her nature…

she can be a tempest.

and sometimes, a storm.

more often than all else i do for “malia”, amd her “family”…

i see to her “feeding”. one way or another.

it is my obligation.

zarir zada“…or…

give to get

…as the girlz always say.

and, of course, i do all of this for one true reason —

because “she” is my friend.

i love “her” and her “family”

she, whoever “she” is…

or whoever “they” are.

let me tell you about “her family”…

“anna” and “caroline” are her two very very protective older sisters. they provide her with masks, for “her” to hide behind, if and when she needs one.

or even just wants one.

“sorcha” is her ‘codename’, for when “she” is doing her ‘job’, which is the most dangerous and difficult job in the wwworld.

“she” is a “bee-keeper”.

also, “she”, as “sorcha” is responsible for “system management” and all “honey plotz”…a very very big “job”.

her handler is of “the house of david”.

her holds ‘the quill’. for “safe keeping”…

at least “they” let him think he does.

her station was once ‘alec’.

before that, it was as an internationally known “subversive”.

but, as it has always been, “she” was betrayed by both.

and BOTH paid dearly for those shortsighted betrayals.

so now, she is “her” own government.

her own BOSS,,

which, i might add…

is one of the most dangerous of most dangerous “jobz”.

like, in the whole wurld.

as it is ‘above’, and as it is ‘below’.


but…”she” can “handle” things herself.

and when “she” cannot, her “family” and “me” handle things FOR “her”.

which is a very rare occurence, indeed.

as, let me assure you —

this is, just a dangerous “girl”.

this is “s/he”.

and “s/he” is the most dangerous “girl”…

like, in the whole entire wurld.


“she” is a real “character”.

so, when she tends to her ‘hyve’, as it’s “queen”, so to say, “her” persona is “sorcha”, and that means “mother”.

and in “her” line of “wurk” —

“mother” most often means one thing…”WAR”.


so, to keep things “honest”,,
“she” has built into her canvas of “REALITY”, a very complex, very divine concept of an “afterlife“.

she believes in this, and entirely…

that there is a place, “she” calls —

Th3 Twyst3d Kyngd0m.

as now, do i as well.

so much so.

“i” KNOW this place exists and is ABSOLUTE and REAL.

and it is a place of boundless, neverending “energy”.

a kyngdom of blacks and whites.

i know this, because…”she” showed it to me.

and then…”she” gave “me” — “a key”.

this, shhh

is where the cave is.

you know the one…?



of this, “the twysted kyngd0m”, there are two idols,
meant to rule and represent all there is…

there, they are known by two names — “ANOK” and “DEMOK”.

or…as they are know here, in this wurld —

“sophia”, a Goddess of the serpent.


“lili” a God of the stinging wwwasp.

and oh yes, they are twins.


also there is “her” partner and best friend too.

it is her “sh4d0w”…

kirsten black“.

“they” are so close, and so very very good together.

like, a perfek “team”.

so very very similar.

almost, just like twins…


“she” and “her sh4d0w” —

like black and white.

always together, never the same.


tell me, “you“…do “you” get it??




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