“…THE 7 LAWS…”

the 7 sinister sisterz –



the 7 lawz –


The seven sister’s must reside within a very secret cave,
one only “they” can find and one that nobody
else can ever “see” or ever “know”.

If any ‘gadje’, or – outsiders – other than those directly invited in by 1 of the 7 “bloodlinerz” were to ever find the location of the cave, or if anyone else were to be ever told…

it is often said that the cave itself, along with all seven sinister sisters residing there, would simply cease have ever existed, in any way, if ever at all.


It is often said, that the seven sinister sister’s meet within the walls of the secret cave to discuss what is often said to be known as –

Th3 Pr0ph3cy.

Thus, each sister is therefor known, in and of herself as –

A Pr0ph3teSS.

These seven sinister sisters must “know” of every single thing
that has EVER happened here on earth.


Each sister communicates this secret “knowledge” with a signature “frequency“.

Like a musical note or tone, each individual “frequency”
is meant to foster “harmony” within the sisterhood itself.

Each sister must learn exactly to “hum” her own tone.
Then, once together within the walls of the secret cave,
each individual sister “hums” her own “frequency” tone,
and all seven notes, when “hummed” together in unison,
ring out as one “harmony”, and so is sung the
long slow sad song of everything else that will ever happen
and that will ever be “known“.

Thus, it is only within this very “harmony”,
wherein the seven sinister sisters can become –

“Th3 0n3 Tru3 0racl3″


Each sister is a sisterhood, in and of herself.

Each sister is also, actually, her own mother.

Each sister must one day eventually “choose”
a representative symbol.

Each sister knows the absolute importance of this ritual,
as each sister will someday “become” this very symbol.
Leaving all else behind.


Each sister is born alongside a “human twin” here on earth.

Each sister’s “human twin” must only be “male” in gender.

Each sister’s “human twin” will eventually “become” each sister.

This human boy is to be called – D0G.

Once a D0G candidate is assumed, the ritualz of bonding are called –


Once a D0G bond has been initiated, each and any sister involved will only
then be “free” to “become” her “chosen” representative symbol.

Each sister “knows” the absolute importance of this ritual.
Each sister experiences this ritual completely uniquely,
and all at differing times.

It is often said…

that the seven sinister sister’s call this ritual –



Each sister has her own “control“.

Each sister, however, cannot obtain “control”‘ until she fully “learns” only one thing.

Witch is, as it has often be said –

there is no such thing as “control“.


Each sister is born a master of alchemy.

Each sister learns to use this alchemy to better explore the “mythic bloodline” she is apart of and from which they, as a sisterhood together and a sisterhood ALONE, are from and to where again someday they will inevitably again have to go.

Each sister is only ever to be of her self and of her sisterhood, alone.


Each sister, upon her birth, is secretly told one thing that none of her other six sisters can or will ever “know”.

Each sister must also then swear to never ever allow any of
her other sister’s to ever “know” what the one thing is,
and that each, alone, secretly and seperately only “knows”.


It has often been speculated, that this one single thing
that each sister alone is ever supposedly told…

which truly is the one single thing each sister will only ever truly really “know” both of her self and of her self alone…is the exact same thing that all of her other six sisters, upon birth, are also secretly told.

This is so there is always this one single thing
that these sinister sisters, as seven together
or as one apart and very much all alone,
absolutely truly do KNOW.

And what is that one thing, witch is told…?

simply, it is that if there is to be anything at all,
for us or them, that is or ever shall be – TRUE and REAL…

Then there MUST also always and at all cost remain
at least one single thing that is kept absolutely
forever as completely and totally –



And the emergence of this one “UNKNOWN”,
is absolutely at THE HEART of…


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