“city spectres…”

we walked around providence this evening, towards dusk…

the perfect hour to see the many spectres of the city, just beginning to filter out into the long, growing shadows, as the natural light fades itself into the miasma of night…

here are a few spectres she and i came across, all of them,
kind enough to let us take their picture.

this first one, we interrupted while it was, well, apparently relieving itself in an alley…i love the look on his face.


he reminds me a lot of my old pal…’big black’, from eagle st –


next…we caught this one, seemingly, running for the stairs…

he sort of reminded me of doctor manhattan.


lisbeth spotted this one, lying on the ground, playing possum…

we both said “sooo CUTE!” at the exact same time when we got a closer look at him…


this little one, is the favorite one we found today, together…


an adorable, tiny little babooshka…

if you look close enough, she even has little feet!

later on, once night fell…

on the way home, we ran into this lurking spectre, behind a glass door, in the mills off harris avenue…

he was giving us the hairy eyeball…



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