“the magician…”

sometimes the best images you can capture end up being
the one’s you WERE NOT aware you WERE capturing.

i find that images like that end up being the most personally profound, even if only to me, once i think ive discovered the hidden image, uncovered it and brought it to meaning…

even then…images like that, STILL harbour secrets.

the best one’s always do.

i accidentally discovered this one, one of my favorites ever, EVER, that i didnt even know i had, found while tediously editing last night’s orms street photos…6/27/13.

there, standing with bravery and authority…

in the darkness of the scary orms street basement…

is, what becky called – “the magician”.


becky went on to say :

“the magician is the one who wiggles his fingers. he is always wiggling his fingers and making everything good…”

i noticed right away that the magician is carrying what i thought might very well be a pencil…!

but this time, becky was quick to correct me.

“nope.”, she stated.

“…it’s a magic wand.”

i quickly asked –

“becky…is the magician…good??”

she paused, as if carefully choosing her words…

and then continued –

“the magician is the ONE who MAKES it good.”

flustered by all of this, i then asked her…

“becky…what does ‘the magician’ do?”

to which, she replied –



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