here are a few images i captured today – 6/27/2013, again, at the orms street house…

all of a sudden, in the bedroom windowsill sat this adorable little girl, of which i am certain is a manifestation of one of “the girlz” – Sophie, or, ‘baby’, as ive heard her called…

sophie went on to pretty much hold herself as that breezy curtain, happily sitting in that peaceful, quiet bedroom window frame pretty much the entire day, interacting watchfully with everyone that was home.

so. sweet.

she stayed perched there gracefully well into the evening, while i worked thru a long, tough day, gathering evidence around this very complex house.

it was a taxing day at the orms street house, but it is always a blast spending time there…however draining…

like, really…REALLY, literally – draining.

so…add in the humidity today, and every so often, i would get poofy in the old melon and sorta drift, for one reason or another, feeling out the borders and barriers in and of and around the house…and my head.

so, yeah…

long day.

however, every hour or so, id step quietly into the bedroom and watch her tiny head dart up to greet me, as i anxiously prattled around; she, so studiously following me with a respectfully courteous eye…

no fear, no worries…like she had been perched there always.

here is one of my images of her…i called her – ‘sweetie’.

here she is, early this afternoon, sort of restlessly playing around in the window sill…


now, this next one is so damn cute.

here is little sweetie protectively watching over becky, while she took a rest in devon’s bed.

the room was so peaceful and becky was half asleep, but
fully smiling…

see for yourself –


later in the day, with devon hollering his manic head off at a disagreeable xbox game announcer, a literal red hot angry viking directly in the adjacent living room, and still – this sweet girl let me approach her, and give her a shiny penny i had in my pocket, that happened to be from the year 1975; the year of
my birth…

a fact which so adorably and surprisingly REALLY delighted her.

so, here she is, holding my gift in her little ‘basket’ –


like i said, it was a long day, and i spent some heavy time in a shadowy, very humid, VERY ACTIVE basement.

but – as i would pass up and down the halls, she kept catching my eye, hour by hour, here and there, always making me smile and go – “AWWWWW…!”


this last one, i just love.

by early evening, my partner and collaborator, lisbeth, decided to also take a quick nap in devon’s, apparently quite
alluring, bed.

this little sweet tiny girl, again, floated to the window to coo in the breeze while simply watching over lisbeth as she gently napped, just as she had done for becky.



of course not.

lisbeth was, simply, NOT having it.

like, any of it.

at all…

lisbeth kept rolling over, pulling the blankets over her head, overheating, mumbling, grunting, feigning sleep with a grumpy, frustrated, suspicious puss on her face…and this went on and on and…..on.

i swear i even saw her SWAT at poor little ‘sweetie’ with her angry ass foot.

i mean, REALLY.




well, anyhoo…here is the moment, as i caught it…i saw exactly why she was so irritated…

the girlz were pokimg and prodding her face as she was trying, so hard, to sleep…



here is another moment i caught…ha!


believe me, lisbeth is a riot. especially when cranky.

so, actually, in the moment, i didnt realize the girlz were all over her…

i love it…watching my lisbeth so suddenly, so hip to the supernatural. it is so damn cool. and absolutely and totally – her. when she commits to a pursuit, you better KNOW that she means to accomplish it…even when it comes to the
pursuit of naps.

in the moment, i thought it was just ME irritating her, per usual…i just wanted to capture what i call
lisbeth’s “grouchy goose” face.

which, i would argue is STILL my favorite part of the picture.


in summation.

xo, to the little sweetie, little ‘baby’ who got me
through today…

and XO, to the grouchy goose who gets my ass through EVERY day.

i love ya, kid.

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