“shadows with shadows…”

these images were captured on 6/27/13, again, at the orms street house. this was during my second visit to the basement.

a task of which i really, quite honestly, wasnt at all looking forward to doing…

i can appreciate all kinds and colors and moods of paranormal experience with as open a heart and mind that i can muster…

but, some places…some vibes and beings and entities and, also, PEOPLE just give off a frequency that is not just uncomfortable or difficult to be in proximity of.

some…can be dangerous.

this basement, is, right now in my opinion – one of
those places.

i am actually now glad that i DID eventually go back down there, however briefly i hung out…

it is a chore.

scary. heavy. unwelcoming…

even, threatening.

as terribly an unsettling, anxious, menacing place as i remembered it….

but, at least now, i do now have a much clearer understading of what might be going on down there, to so obviously exacerbate the particular current of thick heaviness that lingers like a plague down there.

i thought i would share a few images of that visit, one that certainly, at least, helped to clear up some of my thinking.

also, i want to say a huge thanks to mr. tom d’agostino, who again, today, took his valuable time to help advise my thinking and lent me some GREAT insights, that certainly color the following interpretation…

and remember — as i always say…this is all just MY opinion…i am always open and, actually, VALUE new insights or alternate explanations….

especially since, these images, i believe, may depict what many
people have come to call – ‘shadowpeople’…and, believe me, there are a TON of interpretations slash explanations out there regarding these very mysterious beings.

some believe, myself included, that this is NOT a new phenomena at all, which is the seemingly most predominate foundational belief…

some certainly, otherwise reputable “experts” of the paranormal even will go on to posit and argue that these beings just showed up here, in our reality, sometime in the 1990’s…

some say ‘ghosts of ghosts’, tulpas, astral projectors, time travelers and, as they say, the list goes on and on and on…

i believe that these are, what as far back in time as the middle ages, for instance, people actively referred to by
the term – ‘shades’…what is cool to me, is that they are and were known as ‘the shadows with shadows’…love that!

which, as ill show you…is precisely physically perfect as a descriptor.

so look, there is plenty out there in the googleverse on this
whole subject…for instance, here is a great link to a resource that gives a pretty awesome, well researched collection of just about every ‘shadowpeople’ theory…all in one place –


So. yeah.

i HAVE personally experienced versions of this phenomena twice before…but NEVER, EVER like last night.

for now, i will describe the images, give a brief explanation of MY point of view as to what is occuring in this basement…and thus, actually, the rest of the house as of late…

but, i am still processing my thoughts.

i really dont even like thinking about being in that place…



this is the initial ‘shade’ i encountered. if you dont see him, look towards the bottom right…

see him there? a quasi-human shaped ‘shadow’ literally casting its OWN shadow…and i could really see the makeup of his body. i was surprised at how ‘physical’ he was…i could actually SEE the texture of his skin THAT is how close i was to him…and he scuttled around nervously, like he wanted to spook me, scare me, get me away…he was trying to threaten me, made me lightheaded, smell bad smells, melancholy…

here is another, closer look at his detail…


and THEN, when i wasnt gonna budge…ANOTHER ONE scuttled over…and THIS ONE HAD EYES. i mean look at them for yourself…

this grumpy bastard meant business!

he was actually thumping at the dusty ground, slapping at it…

it was scary!


point is, i felt, beyond the SHADOW of a doubt (sorry.), that these guys wanted me out of there…

even going so far as to suggest to me in a way impossible to explain that “something BIG…like A BIG BUG OR BIG SPIDER was gonna come and GET ME…”

which, ahhh…was VERY unsettling. to say the least.

so, at that point, i kinda just stopped and said…”fuck it.”

and left the basement entirely…

yeah…fuck all that ‘big spider’ noise.

i may be DUMB, but not ‘big huge angry spider’ dumb.

homestly…i’m not even ‘these two shady guys’ dumb.


in all seriousness, though, also the ENTIRE time i was in proximity to them, i was absently annoyed by a very penetrating hum of exposed wiring just exploding out of a pretty wild and apparently ancient fusebox…

you can see in my images, that the thing is tangling all over the place above, around and behind them…

the wires were EVERYWHERE down there.


there was a highly discernable, VERY noxious electrical or ozone smell in that humid basement as well.

so. what’s the point?

well…these things, ‘shades’ or what have you, EAT, as in, SUBSIST AND SURVIVE on energy…

tom d’agostino and i basically came to the conclusion that that very spot must be like a world class buffet to an energy-foodie..

elecrtomagnetic spillage, fraying wires, ancient, vining wiring…that delicious hum….these weird beings were protecting their foodsource.

except, this was not just some snack.

THIS FUSEBOX, and its COUNTLESS winding, strangling tendrils and tentacles and currents –

this fusebox must be like a GOD to them…

i mean, just look at the thing!


to me, this is no different than proto-humans worshipping the sun, tens of thousands of years ago, solely because, to them…the sun was warmth, and without it there would only be cold…and to them, the sun was light and without it, there would be only darkness…

and these early people knew one thing better than all else – without light and warmth, there was no food…

and without food…

there was no THEM.

so, yeah.

the sun is life…the sun is god.

simple pragmatics…

that’s it for now…i have a headache.

“…We must be exceedingly careful not to project our own shadows too shamelessly; we are still swamped with projected illusions. If you imagine someone who is brave enough to withdraw all his projections, then you get an individual who is conscious of a pretty thick Shadow. Such a man has saddled himself with new problems and conflicts. He has become a serious problem to himself, as he is now unable to say that they do this or that, they are wrong, and they must be fought against. He lives in the ‘House of the Gathering’…Such a man knows that whatever is wrong in the world is in himself, and if he only learns to deal with his own Shadow he has done something real for the world. He has succeeded in shouldering at least an infinitesimal part of the gigantic, unsolved social problems of our day. These problems are mostly so difficult because they are poisoned by mutual projections. How can anyone see straight when he does not even see himself and the darkness he unconsciously carries with him into all dealings?…”

– carl jung.


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