“clowning around….”

let me begin by saying…


welcome to my day.

this is a sculpture that was apparently already there in the apartment at orms street at the time when devon moved in…

the previous tenant, as well as the owner of the house have no idea either, as to where it came from.

for a while, she was just a faceless, wiring statue…

and then…one day, devon told me, suddenly she just, out of nowhere – had that mask on.

devon had as still has absolutely no idea how it got there.

“she gave herself a face…”, devon said…


i mean, just LOOK at that left eye, as this sculpture is becoming manifestationaly active…that eye unnerves me…it is very cat-like, indeed…


as fucking shitstormscary as this schizo clownbeast woman is…it is ALSO…hrumph…another great illustration of the incredible manifestational abilities that “the girlz” (the mercurial, spectral and highly intelligent ‘entities’ that reside at the orms street house) possess as both, it seems to me, a form a communication and also because…well…because they get a kick out of it…

they seem to be more than very capable of strategically utilizing otherwise inert materials around the rooms of this house to ‘manifest’ themselves into; creating forms, shapes, visions and more…

previously, i have uploaded imagery suggesting their usage of curtains to make their points – but – make no mistake, these otherwise inert items, ONCE IMBUED with the spirit and motives OF the girlz, together as a trio or seperately as individuals, ABSOLUTELY come to life in breathtaking ways…

here is one example of this process…to me, this sleight of hand was so OBVIOUSLY…and i mean OBBBBVIOUSLY, the work of ‘aymee’.

i mean…duh, already.



here is the sculptural piece of art, as it is “kept” in the corner of devon’s living room area :



here is the same piece of sculptural artwork, only 24 hours later, being ‘interpreted’ or, i guess, inhabited by aymee…


anything seem different??

that thing..A CLOWN, of all goddamn things, is ALIVE.


even when freakin’ lifeless and otherwise INERT, this sculpture gives me the CREEPS….and unfortunately, for me, the girlz must have picked up on my nervy feelings about this ‘clown lady statue thing’ and decided to fuck with me…


and then this all started.

and i was all, “yeeeeesh.”

a mere moment later…within this sculpture, within this awful fucking art (ha.), something…or, grr…someone (coughAYMEEcough) started, i can only call it – manifesting within it…


note the odd, very eerie spectral light and real, discernable ‘life’ just streaming into and through the eyes, the devious, shifting smile, the TEETH, and basically every inch of this creepy-ass sculpture suddenly crawling with thought, action and feeling…


typical of Aymee…the ham that she is…just look at that pose.

i mean, really.


so hilarious.

AND, it TOTALLY, absolutely scared the SHIT out of me, indeed.

mission. accomplished.

to which, all the girlz…even becky, laughed.

at my expense, of course.

oh, who am i kidding….i LOVED it.


i mean…who wouldnt??

so, of course, i encouraged Aymee further to “turn up the heat” – and, boy oh boy, was she ever moving that statue around, like a puppetteer!!

you could literally hear the metal wire that comprises this sculpture twisting and gnarling with her movements.

AMAZING to witness.

and. so. damn. cool.


so…yeah, this whole game went on for a while.

maybe a little too long…..because becky started to sigh audibly…

i love this next picture because it really captures how annoyed becky became with the shenanigans between me and Amy…after about an hour of straight goofing around, becky had enough…


which ALSO made the girlz laugh, maniacally cackling mischeviously…of course.

we then pretty much all knocked it off, the statue went back to “lifelessness” and basically i went back to “work”.

im amazed by how well, between those last two images, that you can clearly see that this ‘statue’ has COMPLETELY moved its head…

again…this is what i so LOVE about these girlz.

this behavior is SO intelligent, so funny, so creative, so unpredictable, so damn fun and…well…SO terrifying.

which was, i guess – the point.

so, this one’s for Amy.

know that ill NEVER sit on the couch near that sculpture again…

but, i wouldnt want it any other way.


again, go back to the beginning of this post and look at the original image of the sculpture in its ‘lifeless’, or inert state…

and then…look again at the sculpture when under Amy’s control…

totally. different. thing.

one is art…

the other is….well….ALIVE.

‘splain that one for me.


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