“the girlz of orms street…”


the following images i have personally captured are meant to be portraits, of sorts, of three very enigmatic, very welcoming and most definitely VERY giggly female entities, that reside at the orms street house i have been investigating.

i have had the great, and i mean GREAT, pleasure of getting to sense the heady quality of intensity that this wondrous house and the three magickal, beautiful girlz who “live” there have shared, over the course of the last couple of weeks; courtesy of the open invitation extended to me so generously by my good friend Devon Nickerson, who is for now, the tenant of this particular apartment.

i have also been kindly welcomed, as well, by Jackson, the owner of the property.

this house, to be blunt, is nothing short of a mindblowing, balls out, emotionally visceral ‘paranormal playground’ and i have loved every minute i have so far spent here.

so, for now…here are a few images that i captured while visiting these three girlz – SoSo, Aymee and, of course, Baby.


the girlz occupy a second floor spare bedroom, one that devon, becky and i have theorized to be possibly, for all intents and purposes, pretty much the equivilent of a ‘clubhouse’ for these girlz.

to my mind and my experiential sensibilities, the images hopefully reveal a taste of the energy made real by this vibrant trio of full lives that i am experiencing more prominently each time i stop by. the girlz are, at once, friendly, certainly curious of my activities and quite vigilant when it comes to the territory they call home.

throughout this and many of the other past and ongoing paranormal opportunities and experiences i have been lucky enough to be thrown into…i, again and again, have come to realize the basic principal that no matter what side of the veil you reside on…and, no matter what dimension you call home…truth, openness, trust and love can and should, be extended across all boundaries and borders, physical and spectral. believe me, just as it feels to be ‘loved’ or ‘trusted’ by a fellow human…i would attest to the fact that the reciprocal emotions within THIS kind of ‘supernatural’ experience, feel EXACTLY the same when given and received…

so, whether “here” or “there”, the understanding of the communicative emotional currency appears to be mutually relatable in theory and, more importantly, in practice.

these basic tenets of respect in approachable, intelligent contact, is a simple gesture, a simple adjustment, as far as both “us” and “them”, one way or another are to both be understood as arguably complex, feeling beings of perhaps differing detail, but both inhabiting BOTH of these dimensions, in often superweird, obfuscated – but – at least, again, relatable ways…

the rules may be slighly different from here to there, but we, in our own seperate and unified ways, are always, like it or not, ALWAYS, filling the world arbitrarily around us with the collective detritus of every single definable emotion mustered by both of our ‘kinds’…

these girlz have as much discernable ‘life’, as we seem to judge it, as anyone i know…

and that, by my watch, is what you call – REAL.

so look…to me, this basic truth is precisely why we need to, like right now, STOP being scared of this stuff.

STOP treating it like a monster truck rally.

like, we get it already.

i guess, in principle, you CAN fleece people with the allure of a circus show bullshit aspect of the paranormal…that is a given.

we all gotta eat, right??


here’s what i have learned in my time in, what tom d’agostino calls the “paranormal sandbox”:

there are NO ghosts.


we are all just – people.

differing forms, YES, by all accounts…

BUT – again, to my eye…we are, both of us – observably simple, dumb, ritualized people, on two sides of one pane of glass, for who ever actually knows why…just doing the best we can, moving through whatever the hell it is that makes us – US.

we have no choice.

neither do “they”.

so, by that logic…to me, it becomes pretty fucking simple.

WE are ONE and the SAME.

BOTH of us…just mirrors OF mirrors.

endless, tangled reflections of eachother and everything else…and therefor, nothing more or less than – ourselves.

we are not alone.

but…the problem IS we are NOT lonely.

they, however…as i understand them…most definitely are.


maybe we, the dummies that are weird enough to seek out this kind of unique experience (as well as social suicide….natch.) should begin to consider the proposal a new, yet tried and true paradigm, of simple, open contact and approach…

maybe, for a start, that’d be enough of a statement to draw a line in the sand…

sand just WAITING for a line to be drawn in it..

so, AS simply sand…if for nothing elsem at least then IT’S experience has some purpose.

like ours.

and “theirs”…

i swear to you – these crazy, funny, REAL girlz are in NO WAY, by ANY means…scary.

they are just girlz.

and…they are my friends.

so, even if the change in attitutde only even resonated, at first, in terms of sheer semantics, how about…


man, i cannot imagine, if i ever found out someone was out there, “hunting” these girlz or others like them…


these arent spectres or ghosts or interdimensionals or shadowpeople or spirits…

these are girlz.

and i love them for that.

you would too.


i now realize, by the way…that the image above is the girl they call – Aymee.

the trixter, the ultimate wild child of the ultimate group of wild children.

look at her there in the bottom left…

i see her literally POSING, and wearing a shiteating grin, if ive ever seen one…


these paranormal encounters, if you are lucky enough to have them, speak symbolic volumes of the tenor of our common human legacy of experience, amd they are truly integral facets meant in strange ways to clarify, or even identify to us, the brilliantly myriad spectrum of experience that makes up our every day lives as individuals and as leviathan…and this world within our world is one that absolutely any of us can choose to experience, anytime we wish.

all that is required of the seeker is an open heart, an open mind and the always curious courage to stare deep into that eternal mirror reflecting all of us, all at once – and, beauutifully and often painfully, exactly as we are.

so – here an image of another one of the girl’z here, that i have come to know as – SoSo…

the ‘big sister’ and noble protector…

SoSo’s a tough, loyal and naturally empathic girl who once spoke to me out loud, right there in the air, in a strong, bold voice, saying declaratively that devon was a “big, strong, sad boy” and then further suggesting, and then even INSISTING that i lovingly hug and rock him like a baby…FOR HER…which was no easy feat, considering devon is a huge fucking viking of a man.


devon did, however, once relate to me that sometimes he feels a very authentic feminine presence literally and yet invisibly sitting down and cuddling next to him on the couch when he is distracted, restless or lonely, and usually right in between the states of sleep and waking, when he is otherwise alone.

devon also expressed to me that he loves this quality of care that his “roomies” practice on his behalf and that he is always comforted by the vibe of sudden, so invisibly there, fully compassionate company.

i have come to speculate that this presence, the female presence devon is describing is most likely, in my opinion, that of SoSo, herself.

and here, is, again, an image i caught weeks ago, that i now believe to be an actual image of the same girl devon is feeling…


that day, she had followed me, protectively, clinging to the back of my tshirt, and i mean all the way down the stairs into the entrance to the void of that dark, dark basement…

she suddenly let go of my shirt, and i noticed that…

i asked her to follow but that, well…that was as far as Mae was gonna go.

i can see her right there, as clear as she was to devon and i in real time, by the light of the hopeful doorway, nervously holding her hands to her lips…waiting…

now, here she is again, the other night, just casually peeking through that curtain of oblique spacetime we call “the other side” and manifesting beautifully right there on the ruddy glass of one of the windows in that special ‘clubhouse’.


look at both faces, in both images…and tell me that they are NOT the same girl…

either way, neither of them are ghosts, of that i am also sure.

Mae…so kind, nervous as hell but waiting there none the less, for MY safe return…providing me the same lifeline that also, in a different way, comforts devon, sitting by his side, even if in suggestion…when he feels alone.

when SoSo is around…no one is ever alone.

to my eye, a face like that, right there, staring out at anyone who wants to see her…if THAT is NOT a face of simple, human emotional value, regardless of her physical form…then, pure i suppose i dont know WHAT the hell is…and maybe, i wouldnt want to…

let me tell you, as i perceive her, SoSo is what my mum would call – an old soul; a vibrant, recognizable presence and, boy, she just loves devon, as well as the other girlz and certainly, i sense, the place they all call home within this odd and transitory world.

such a big sister. so full of heart…

here is an image of her little corner of the room, and the beat up old futon she likes to curl up on…


next, meet the very sweet, very shy, very tiny and very curiously intelligent – Baby…


here is another version of her beautiful, smiling face…manifesting out of thin air…


over the course of the first few visits i made to this residence, Baby basically refused to reveal her face at all for my camera.

regardless of how nicely i asked.

i, at first, actually honestlyndidnt even sense her presence
AT ALL! like a little churchmouse.

she likes to be in the corner, by the door…

i dont think she hesitated to share herself with me out of fear or distrust.

i could sense it had a more to do with an almost painful self consciousness, than anything else…so human.

however – FINALLY – upon the fourth visit, on 6/25/13, i captured, kinda accidentally, what i believe is an image of gentle Baby’s lovely, pretty face…

i was quite honored, and definitely very moved by her surprising and very spontaneous gesture that night.

when i look at her face in that image, i swear i even detect a hint of a smile…

to me, these girlz feel so much like sisters, and you can actually very profoundly feel a familial vibe throughout that room. i find the feeling comforting in its very human recognizability.

SoSo and Aymee seem to really look out for Baby….and, let me tell you, i get why…she is SO cute. and so slight, but with a LOT of personality and charm…once she feels comfortable, that is.

i also have noticed, rather oddly, that the girlz seems to like to…well…sniff at me.

once, when Baby was close enough, and while she was in her own world, sniffing gently at my neck, i took the opportunity to politely sniff her as well.

she smelled lovely, actually.

very delicate. very faint. like….lillies or maybe daisies.

here is a picture of her little hiding spot, or course, right behind the door, all four feet and about ninety pounds of her voluntarilly and usually happily lost, silent and in a warm, safe and sound secret shadow, behind the heavy, old door to the room…


finally, again…the little ball of mischeif, ‘Ayyymeeee’…as they call her….

first, here she is peering into the kitchen window, restlessly watching devon and i…


and yet another image of the same moment, this time she seems pooped, resting her tiny adorable head against the window –


Aymee is, to say the least, so boldly pronounced in her personality traits, and so truly vital and individualized – that it astounds me.

and she can be an EPIC pain in the ass.

i love it.

she was also the very first of the girlz brave enough to tell me her name, and even well before i had a even thought to ASK for it. i know…duh.

and this was within minutes of being there, the very day, the very first time i ever visited.

actually, thinking on it, she is VERY vocal. like, talkative, even…chatty – with a restless energy that, to me, is now unmistakably her signature.

a giggling goofball, in the best ways….and she loves to sit behind me and touch my hair.

she once told me i had “girl hair”….which i thought was
pretty funny.

she’s usually a regular ball of anxious, funny, jokey, tweaky, cackling laughter and happy, playful menace…

i can instantly detect her manic presence all through that house when i’m there visiting…she, ahh…really likes attention.


ya know…i even have a GREAT recording of her wild, crazyass loud laugh.

she, despite herself, keeps the room full of a happy, laughing energy that i can tell the other two girlz appreciate unspokenly, as do i…so much.

so, here is the image i shot of the particular spot belonging to the little wise ass herself, who – by the way – just loves to also annoyingly and repeatedly turn off the lights in the room when im busy sketching and who, also, well…let’s just say she loves to sneak up on me and goose me on the bum…hard.

so, there’s that…



here is a personal favorite…this is an image of the door to the spare bedroom, that ALSO serves as the girlz
‘clubhouse’ door….


i think this is the completely perfect symbol TO BE on that door and, even better, devon has no memory of personally writing on the door…at all.

he said that one morning…it was just there.

look at the scrawled words around the anarchy symbol.

i am going fucking nuts trying to figure out what it says…

what can i say?

when it comes to the girlz…i hang on every goddamn word.

so, yeah.

god save the queen.

so…that’s all i have for now…but – let me just say

for the record –

i am totally, ABSOLUTELY aware how lucky i am to be forging friendships with these awesome, magickal girlz, and i always truly appreciate the special opportunities i have been blessed by that allow me to spend such time with them, as well as their kin…

i am blessed to also feel so organically welcomed into their very obviously guarded comfort zone in the first place, and i rightly cherish every minute and every encounter i have had.

this house, this kind of intelligent, supernatural activity and especially these mercurial girlz, are to me, entirely and exactly what makes this pursuit of the paranormal worth every weird minute…and…this, to me, is also exactly what the paranormal pursuit is, and always should be, about philosophically and in practice.

mutual growth and evolutionary experience based on the basic intelligent foundations of respect, trust and, of course, most of all – love, openness and truth.

so, yeah…xo.

oh, yeah…and also…

im telling you – there is nothing, and i mean NOTHING, but an old, worn curtian between “here” and “there” and “us” and “them”…


nothing but a curtian, just waiting for a breeze.


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