“an urban puckwudgie…”

here are two pretty interesting shots i captured at two different times that some, including me, believe may just be some form of what many native american tribes referred to as a -‘puckwudgie’…

take a peek…

i came across this particular ‘puck’ in a pretty remote, abandoned mill building alleyway somewhere in providence. he was resting himself upon a dumpster, his long, slender arms lying upon his crouched knees, just scuttling about and seemingly watching me with curious, intelligent eyes…sort of like the eyes of a small, smart dog…

here is the snapshot i was lucky enough to capture of the little guy.

since this encounter, i have seen this fella a few other times, as though he may well follow me around on my wandering, restless nights.

he has become a welcome and comforting presence, if not companion, to me, late at night – and absolutely never threatening or intense in any way; a reputation some pucks have come to carry, certainly in some of the anecdotes, legends and stories representing their kind.

this one, i can attest, is actually quite sweet and even once, i actually offered him a piece of candy, which he happily accepted, dexterously unwrapped, chewed and ate, which, by the way, was a swedish fish i had found at the bottom of my coat pocket…

i have come to call him by the term the gypsy girls i know hapen to call these many oblique forms of the ‘little ones’ that somehow pass portal to portal, from one reality to another…

that term is ‘dingdong’…and that is, if you are ever lucky enough to come across him or any other one of his kind, is a perfectly fitting nickname…

so, here is my image of my pal, little old ‘dingdong’…


also, here one more seperate image, shot at a very special, very old (i am told), very secretly hidden portal in the city that the same gypsy girls i hang out with call – ‘the 11th door’…

if you look at the bottom, where the portal is opening, you should see a small puckwudgie, or ‘dingdong’, emerging from, i guess, one plane into another…which just so happens to be, well…ours.

i am so very proud to have been lucky enough to witness such a magick moment, and even luckier to have captured it, as it was occuring…


again…these are, obviously, only my own interpretations of what i was experiencing and photographing…i would, as always, be very willing and open to hear other interpretations or opinions…


2 Responses to ““an urban puckwudgie…””

  1. Ralph S Hutchinson Says:

    I have recently began the process of publishing a book dealing namely with my observations and close study of Puckwudgie creatures in New Hampshire. These creatures are living breathing animals and not ghostly spirits. I have been lucky to have had numerous encounters with Puckwudgie having made detailed observations. I was raised in New Hampshire where I still reside. Hopefully by early next year spring of 2014 my book will be available for interested readers titled “Puckwudgie (Legend of Sunset Hill)” By Ralph S Hutchinson
    This story I have imparted is a true review of facts about my personal encounters with the creatures. I perhaps may be the only person in the world to have physically examined a living Puckwudgie, the details shall be contained in my book. They are the most fascinating creatures on the planet, nothing compares to the Puckwudgie due to very unusual anatomy, high intelligence and danger to humans.
    If anyone is looking for a great story and willing to feature a new author please contact Dorrance Publishing Company Inc.

    Ralph S Hutchinson
    Field Research Scientist, Author

    • wow….

      i wonder, before you posted your own advertisement on my site, if you even bothered to read my puckwudgie story…

      thank you for spamming my page with your hopes and dreams, Ralph!


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