“the djinn…”

recently, i had the opportunity to read rosemary guiley’s excellent book ‘the vengeful djinn’, and i really had my eyes opened to the fascinating world of eastern demon lore, centered strongly around the mythic ‘djinn’…

immediately as i was reading the descriptions of both the physical appearance of the djinn as well as information pertaining to the observable phenomena relating to the djinn, i remembered two images i captured months ago that now appear to be possible djinn or djinn related entities…

at the time i captured these shots, i was walking behind the area known as fox place, just off federal hill in providence. i felt, from the moment i arrived there, a quite desolate little area known for its vestigial mill buildings and squatters, i felt sure that i was being watched…even followed. that area is pretty silent and it is easy to end up there otherwise alone, especially at night, and i began to acknowledge my instincts by quickly surveying my surroundings. as i turned around, i prominently noticed, directly behind me, a human sized, hooded entity that seemed to be constructed of blueish light. the being was only roughly ten feet away from me, and utterly and unmistakably also aware of me; so, as soon as i noticed it, i began to snap pictures of it…

at which point, as you will see, this mysterious entity began to shift directly towards me in what i could have easily construed in a threatening way.

what was most unsettling to me, at the time, as this entity quickly approached me, were his massive, seemingly clawed hands. his right hand is clearly inhuman and totally discernable in both images. the hand, to me, almost also appears to be reptilian in its texture and tone.

also apparent, again – to me, in terms of what i perceived in real time as well as within the two subsequent images, is that this entity was approximately my height (5’10 give or take) with broad shoulders, strong arms leading to huge clawed, reptilian hands and that it possessed a long face partially veiled beneath a hooded cloak which tapered as it was held in place by a large black belt at his waist.

i have studied these images in close detail, and as far as the general architecture of the being’s face was concerned, to me, he looked weathered, stern, and quite old – but in no way frail.

i could also detect a smell or a scent emanating off of it, not of smoke, per say, but actually of HEAT…


the scent was more a visceral sense of bursting, raw heat, prominent enough to actually warm my face upon its appraoch, and i will admit, that made me involuntarilly flinch. i had never experienced such a smell in proximity to this kind of paranormal phenomena. in the past, i have detected the common sulfer scent, the smell of burning or smoke and other patented “paranormalisms”, but this…well, this was very different.

to my senses, it smelled like…a warning.

as it closed in, i could also distinctly see two large heavy set, deep blackened eyes leading into a long sharp nose, which centered an otherwise stoic expression, one neither of openness nor aggression.

also, this entity struck me right away as a male figure and it felt, to me, that the entity was in a very purposeful behavioral mode, as in, he seemed to be on a mission of sorts, very directed, and i seemed to be, in that odd moment, simply and arbitrarilly – in the way.

i do not know whether this entity was watching me, whether i caught his attention or if perhaps he had been shadowing me for a while…

more likely, i simply accidentally intruded into either his cross-dimensional space or perhaps right across his obligatory path, but, either way, beyond his somewhat aggresive posturing, i felt that if he COULD have harmed me, he would have. therefore, either he could NOT physically harm me, or, again – more likely – he noticed me, sized me up quickly as an innocent, and no threat at all, and simply brushed past me, sure to make his presence felt, as if to suggest i NOT continue to follow it, and from there, he was past me and off into the cold night…

now – were there any points within the experience that were unnerving?

hell yes.

being close to any paranormal entity, in my experience, always feels a bit unnerving. sort of like being close to a wild animal. you just never know what is about to happen, which, ostensibly, is a big part of the rush OF this kind of encounter.

i felt a bit unnerved upon his quick approach towards me – i.e. the momemts captured in the two images i am about to provide – to my instinct, he was not exactly “friendly”, but, then again, he didnt harm me at all, other than obtrusively and somewhat menacingly passing through me, leaving me a bit rattled, and most definitely with a heavy dread feeling that lasted over the course of about the next few minutes.

also, i did note having my breath “taken”, rather uncomfortably, as he passd through me. as though i had the wind knocked out of me.

strangely, although i have seen the portrayal of being “passed through” in a million movies and i have certainly heard countless anecdotal tales of the same phenomena, i have never personally experienced that odd, very specific and very self aware and vulnerable feeling until that encounter, that cold march night. whatever it was, djinn or something else that passed through me, the entity left more than an impression of its memory, in a way that felt sort of like a vague threat spread in a heavy swath across every molecule it encountered on its way through me. this, to say the least, was an invasive and intimidating behavior that i will be quite happy if i only ever have to experience once.


as this being physically passed through me, leaving me out of breath and quite physically disoriented, i turned to follow it with my eyes as it continued onward, and as i watched, it simply shifted itself again, down the nearby hill behind me and then twisting, for lack of a better word, into a complex and delicate, misty white shadow until it dissipated and, to my eye, was no longer there.

the images i shot (about 8 total) truly only capture a fraction of what i was interpreting in real time with my own eyes, my nerves and my mind – which is not uncommon, photographically speaking.

however, these two shots – i think – are the two best shots i caught that night, as they were literally taken one after the other, one second apart, and i do believe they may make a strong argument for this entity of authority and unique power being none other than – a djinn.

here is the first of the two images…

remember, this entity was in motion coming rapidly towards me as i was clicking off shots, which was an unsettling, nervy experience in and of itself…


here, now in close up detail is what i believe to be –
the face of a djinn…


this next shot was snapped literally one second after the previous one.

you can clearly see how the quickly and dramatically this entity’s proximity to me changed. this being moved fast. his ethereal nature made his movements all the more confusing to my senses as well so, it was, frankly, all i could do not to bolt.

the entity definitely – and i cannot stress this enough – DEFINITELY wanted me to feel its control, power and, as i said, authority…and i felt then and feel now quite certain that it was not entirely happy to have me observing it, never mind snapping pictures.

however, through the entire encounter, that stiff, stern face never changed, from the moment our very different eyes met through his choice to pass through my body and out into the ether of that late winter night.

i’d be very curious to hear what anyone else sees in these images.

after all, this is only my personal interpretation of this encounter, based on research and intuition. your interpretation is most definitely as good, if not better actually, than mine. please feel free to elaborate or disagree with my narrative explanation of the event. all paranormal experience is inherently subjective. thus, the storytelling utilized by all of us to communicate these experiences to eachother, as well as ourslves, is as important, again, if not MORE important, than the experience itself.

for instance, ghosts live or die in the stories told about them…

all paranormal experience, i believe, is inherently, a distinct personal communication, spoken in a secret language and in a profound unified voice meant for the massive mind of us all. its message and meaning kept to evolve or fade in the ever expanding pool of every human thought, hope, fear and dream.

some things simply cannot be said with words.

some things, usually the things we NEED to know, as opposed to the things we may WANT to know, can only be spoken in symbols and visions. primary, foundational messages, hanging there, for us all as a leviathan and for any of us as individuals.

and yet, each time any one of us observes something “paranormal’, regardless of whatever it is we feel, see, hear, and eventually strive to digest and understand, whether it be physically or symbolically, it seems to be something that had to have been meant SOLELY for you. and yet, these encounters are there for any of us to cross paths with, IF. we dare to open our senses, our own vulnerable hearts and minds, to encounters so intangible, so special, so subjective, so personal.

paranormal encounters are not just for believers either. the experience of these events affect even more profoundly, those who actually do not believe as well as those who plainly never gave it much thought. these events reach out to us all, regardless OF our beliefs, simply because, i think…they believe in US.

that is why, scary or sad or beautiful, these experiences are ALWAYS signature, unforgettable moments of great, symphonic emotion. many of these moments become our great personal stories and myths, those tales we tell not just OF ourselves, but TO ourselves and these stories define us in such myraid lyrical ways, as to make the pulse rise and the heart swell. it is exactly this storytelling, representing our place within the dimensions of each one of these supernatural events, whether experienced by you alone or thousands of us at the same time, that is the core truth of exactly how this secret language is transmitted to all of us…

to me, ghosts, aliens, demons, sasquatch and whatever else you cam account for, are all basically just different dialects within one language, spoken in one voice.

all you have to do is listen. and WANT to hear.

all you need to do is look. and WANT to see.

because by just listening, and just looking, you move closer towards opening a door of collaboration within your own open mind.

we must meet this mono-entity half way, no matter what specific form it chooses to reveal itself to each observer. and, if we are very lucky, it may choose to “speak” to us, and to each of us it may very well say something completely different. something definitive regarding the whole of us, and yet also something so specific to you. THAT, right there, to me, is the great achemical magic of supernatural experience,

maybe YOU see the vision of a long lost, long dead grandparent. or maybe, to someone else, it is a humanoid yet alien being piloting a silver spaceship, across the edges of the outer atmosphere. or maybe, to you, like me, that one march night, it will be a djinn. an intelligent entity ripped from thousands of years of grand and mythic traditon. oh the story you will tell….

now…here is the second shot, again, taken one mere second after the first…


and, again, here is another close up detail – this time of the djinn’s incredible, clawed and quasi- reptilian hand…



obviously, i possess no concrete evidence of this entity’s identity or persuasion…or, frankly, even his reality, subjective or otherwise.

however, the information i can find, google-wise, relating to modern djinn sightings or djinn mythology is pretty abundant, and actually there is a great deal of pretty contemporary, thoughtful writing on the subject…also, both the quaran as well as the bible more than also touch upon the long legacy of djinn history…

so, if you are interested in more information on the very unique and provocative world of djinn lore (how couldnt you be?? i mean, duh…) then here is a short course on the djinn, adapted directly from the book i memtioned above – ‘The Vengeful Djinn’ – by Rosemary Ellen Guiley and Philip J. Imbrogno, courtesy of Llewellyn Publishing, along with additional material from The Encyclopedia of Demons & Demonology which is also written by the prolific Rosemary Ellen Guiley.

(here is “Djinn” at an undisclosed basement…)


via http://www.djinnuniverse.com

“…In Arabian lore, djinn (also spelled jinn) are a race of supernaturally empowered beings who have the ability to intervene in the affairs of people. Like the Greek daimones, djinn are self-propagating and can be either good or evil. They can be conjured in magical rites to perform various tasks and services. A djinni (singular) appears as a wish-granting “genie” in folk tales such as in The Book of 1001 Nights collection of folk tales.

In Western lore djinn are sometimes equated with demons, but they are not the same. They are often portrayed as having a demonic-like appearance, but they can also appear in beautiful, seductive forms. The djinn are masterful shape-shifters, and their favored forms are snakes and black dogs. They also can masquerade as anything: humans, animals, ghosts, cryptids, and other entities such as extraterrestrials, demons, shadow people, fairies, angels and more.

The djinn are not confined to the Middle East, or to the past. They exist in their own realm, probably a parallel dimension, and they have the ability – and the desire – to enter our world and interact with us. The djinn have been among us in antiquity and they are among us now.


According to pre-Islamic lore, the djinn are born of smokeless fire (which in modern terms could be plasma). They live very long lives but they are not immortal. According to some accounts, they live with other supernatural beings in the Kaf, a mythical range of emerald mountains that encircles the Earth. In modern terms, they live in a parallel dimension.

The djinn like to roam the deserts and wilderness and inhabit caves. They are usually invisible, but have the power to shape-shift to any form, be it insect, animal, human, or entity. They have long been regarded as malicious and dangerous, capable of bringing bad luck, illness, disaster and death. Even when granting favors, they have a trickster nature and can twist events for the worse.

Though the djinn can be conjured in magical rites, they are difficult to control. One individual said to have complete power over the djinn was the legendary Biblical King Solomon. God gave Solomon a copper and iron magic ring that enabled him to subdue djinn, and which protected him from their powers. In some accounts, the ring was inscribed with a pentacle, and in other accounts it was set with a gem, probably a diamond, that had a living force of its own. With the ring, Solomon branded the necks of the djinn as his slaves and set them to working building the first Temple of Jerusalem and even the entire city of Jerusalem.

One story tells that a jealous djinni (sometimes identified as Asmodeus) stole Solomon’s ring while he bathed in the river Jordan. The djinni seated himself on the king’s throne at his palace and reigned over his kingdom, forcing Solomon to become a wanderer. God compelled the djinni to throw the ring into the sea. Solomon retrieved it, and punished the djinni by imprisoning him in a bottle.

According to another story, Solomon summoned the djinn to his crystal-paved palace, where they sat at tables made of iron. (In folklore, iron weakens supernatural entities.) The Qur’an tells how the king made them work at building palaces, making carpets, and creating ponds, statues and gardens. Whenever Solomon wanted to travel to faraway places, the djinn carried him on their backs.


Islamic theology absorbed the djinn; an entire chapter in the Qur’an concerns them. According to the Muslim faith, humans were created from clay and water, and angels from a special and pure spiritual light. Djinn were created from the smokeless fire, or the essential fire (plasma in modern terms). They are invisible to most people except under certain conditions; however, animals, especially dogs and donkeys are able to see them.

Djinn were on the earth before man, but it is unknown for how long. By some accounts, they were created 2000 years before Adam and Eve, and were equal to angels in stature. When Allah created Adam, he told the angels to bow to him. The angels complied but Iblis, the leader of the djinn and who had access to heaven, refused, and so he and his kind were cast out of paradise. Iblis appealed to Allah, and the djinn were granted the opportunity to redeem themselves by Judgment Day. Iblis (also called Shaytan) became a figure comparable to the Devil. His evil-minded followers are called devils, and they behave in ways similar to Western demons.

Like humans, djinn have free will, and are able to understand good and evil. The Qur’an states that the purpose of their creation is the same as that of humans, which is to worship Allah. They are responsible for their actions, and will be judged at the Last Judgment.

Muhammad had encounters with the djinn. He warned the people to cover their utensils, close their doors and keep their children close to them at night, as the djinn spread out at night and take things. He also warned people to put out their lights, as the djinn drag away the wicks and start fires. However, they will not open a locked door, untie a tied knot, or uncover a vessel.

If a djinni is harmed or killed, even inadvertently, djinn will take revenge, bringing misfortune, illness and even death to the offenders. Muhammad said that if people find a snake in their house, they should call out to it for three days before killing it. If the snake is a shape-shifted djinn, it will leave. If it remains after three days, it is an ordinary snake and can be killed.

The Djinn can be converted to the faith, and Muhammad converted some of them by reciting the Qur’an to them.


The life span of djinn is much longer than humans, but they do die. They are both male and female, and have children. According to the Qur’an, they eat meat, bones, and the dung of animals. They play, sleep, and have their own pet animals, especially dogs. They live in communities organized into families and clans, and ruled by kings.

Although they can live anywhere, they prefer remote and lonely places, such as deserts, ruins, caves, and tunnels. In Middle Eastern lore they also inhabit places of impurity such as graveyards, garbage dumps, bathrooms, and camel pastures. They can live in houses occupied by people. They like to sit in the places between the shade and the sunlight, and move around when the dark first comes. They also like marketplaces, and Muslim lore holds that it is not a good idea to be the first to enter a market or the last to leave it.

Some djinn become attached to human beings and function like companion spirits. The joining of humans and djinn in marriage is still a practice in some parts of the world. A mixed marriage is believed to be capable of producing offspring, though this is not desirable. In lore, the Queen of Sheba, who fascinated King Solomon, was rumored to be part djinn.


Djinn are capable of possessing human beings. They are said to enter the blood stream and circulate rapidly through the body. They cause mental and physical problems, and also disrupt marriages and relationships. Asking a djinni to leave, or bargaining with it, may not be enough to get it to go, and someone who is trained may be needed to perform an exorcism to get it out of the body.


Djinn encounters occur everywhere, and they may be interpreted as other entities rather than their true selves. This is especially the case in areas where little is known about them. Encounters with angels, fairies, demons, elementals, extraterrestrials, mysterious creatures and ghosts of the dead may be djinn in disguise, either playing tricks or carrying out an agenda.

David Morehouse, a retired remote viewer for the U.S. military, relates in his book Psychic Warrior how a head injury enabled him to have temporary visions of djinn, normally invisible to most people. He was among American troops camped with Jordanian troops for training exercises in Jordan at Baten el Ghoul, which means “Belly of the Beast.”

The Jordanians considered it a haunted valley, where the demons came out at night to murder people. It was not unusual to have one’s sleep interrupted by the screams and howls of frightened Jordanian soldiers who swore in the light of day that they had seen a demon…Baten en Ghoul was a desolate and jagged valley carved out of the desert that spilled over from Saudi Arabia. It was renowned for its spiders.

Morehouse was accidentally shot in the helmet, which left a huge lump on his head. After this, he temporarily experienced seeing the elusive djinn. He described the conditions as:

Sometime in the night, my eyes opened to a surreal light outside the tent. It was like the light of an eclipsed sun and wasn’t coming from any stove. It filled the night sky. The entire Baten en Ghoul and the hills beyond were bathed in the strange bluish gray light; I walked to the edge of the bluff and stared into the valley. Dark figures moved effortlessly across its floor, like apparitions. They poured from the rocks in various heaps and shapes and moved about the clusters of tents. I could hear muffled cries from the Jordanian encampment, and momentarily I thought we were being overrun by thieves or Israelis. Panicked, I turned to run for help. Colliding with one of the figures, I reflexively closed my eyes, except I didn’t collide. I walked right through it. Turning around I watched the figure disappear over the edge of the bluff.

After that, the lump on his head was gone…”


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  1. A great book by two great paranormal researchers.

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