“a clutter dragon…”

here is a shot of what i once heard a lovely gypsy girl call a “clutter dragon”…

pay particular attention to the main counter top area, center to center-left…see it??

here is the original shot, as is…and then i’ll add a close up for measurable detail…


now, here is a close up of the little creature, scuttling around in the mess of skateboard parts…note the mouth full of sharp teeth, the insect like appendages and segmented frame…and most notably, the amazing spectral tentacles surrounding it…


if i was pressed, i’d suggest that this creature is probably interdimensional, but….who knows….

and for a mean looking little bastard, he (or she…or it…) was quite shy and scurried away…



one last note…

if you look into the mirror near the top-center of the image, i see the veiled face of a girl or a young woman staring out at me…note the chin line and cascading hair…

here is a close up…although…i actually think it is a more pronounced image within the master shot…


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