two seperate portals i have found on the west side during my walks…

the first, i find to be quite striking.

the wood INSIDE the portal seems to even be a differing hue than the wood OUTSIDE the portal…


the next one, is what i have come to call “the 11th door”…

it is where i have witnessed my little friend, ‘dingdong’, passing thru from one side to another…

actually, this is a special image because the night i shot this, i actually was there awaiting his “arrival” and my camera caught a very grouchy little ‘dingdong’ right as he was emerging from wherever it is he calls ‘home’…(besides my laundry pile, that is…ha.)


take a closer look at the brick sized portal opening near the bottom…and you can clearly see ‘dingdong’ and his grumpy
little face…

remember, magick, as i have profoundly learned this year…is where ever you find it…


2 Responses to “portals…”

  1. If you ever want to take along someone to help fotograf I’m always looking for an interesting shoot. And I have a feeling that you and I would work well together…just a hunch!

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