“zarir zada”…

one of the great gifts i have been blessed with, while within the scope of experiences observing and befriending ‘the girls’, as i have come to know and love them, is having the chance to hear and (in a VERY glacial and dodgy way) learn the absolutely gorgeous language which represents the mercurial tapestry of their richly textured genetic descendancy, which is the language known as – assyrian.

over time, i have picked up on many phrases and words, and, as it is sometimes when you are learning a new language…i tend to hear and understand far more than i can, currently, speak naturally…

take for instance the phrase – “zarir zada”…which seems to be used as a kind of all purpose ward, or greeting of ominous pride and portent…

it seems to be used as a term of encouragement, such as when one is at odds with those that stand in their way.

i find its meaning to be quite beautiful, and, like ‘the girls’ themselves – it is enigmatic and seemingly saying multiple things, in a fascinating and duplicitous way…


so, as i have come to understand it…

‘zarir zada’ means –

“to spread unspeakable acts of violence across the fields of your enemies with little, tiny seeds of love…”

i mean, really.

how badass is that??



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