we roamed the streets, she and me…

for ak.

ten shots from a walk with a friend. may seventh, two thousand 13.

first, a ghost and his shadow, disconnected.



a guardian face in the window. grace church. mathewson st, providence.


to us, invisible. to robert, the world.


“a race to know where”, she said…


333. with a cameo by ak.


dark light.


one of many eyes of providence.


true ubiquity.


special thanks to my special guest –

a special girl of whom ill say: “……”

“After viewing a video her sister made before she left overseas, in which a fresh-faced younger version of herself says with a playful grin how attractive she finds guys, she was asked what she would tell the youngster on that tape –

‘I want to tell her not to be afraid of what’s going to happen, because what happened to me hit me like a train, and there was nothing I could do to stop it’…”

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