“SMILE like you mean it…”

long story short,

for now…


i spent six months weaving my way through the rabbit hole i call ‘the smiley face killer theory’.


i found my way into this mess through the sad, horrifying story of gregory hart’s death.

and then sunil tripathi disappeared.

as will more.

that much i am completely sure of.

actually, it is a MUCH longer story but…i know.


without saying anything else,

perhaps ever again,

i do want to impress upon you, or point out, to anyone interested in this monumentally important story, one foundational misunderstanding, so important to the comprehension of the complete and terrifying paradigm that is represented completely incorrectly, in its current perception, by the ‘primary color’ symbolic power of the ‘smiley face’.

the smiley faces are not left by the “killers”.

quite the exact opposite, as i have come to understand it…

the ‘smiley faces’ are devices used as a symbolic cleansing magick, in the pursuit of countering black, arcane and sacrificial ritualization, AND, they are put there purposefully and posthumously, by agents of great clarity and strength, and all in an effort to contain or even alter the very psychic misfortune bestowed upon a place where and when this kind of madness and monstrosity takes over; through an act of cold murder perpetuated, for instance in the regional sense, on or through the death of gregory hart or sunil tripathi.


these symbols, these simple smiling faces, impossible to misunderstand, are meant to combat the very corrupting definintion of a highly dischordant act.

what is a smile?

what does a smile mean?

what does a smiling face say?

what language is a smile?

think about this.

i have – extensively.

as i will continue to do, even when this kind of work breeds ANYTHING BUT the currency of contentment or grace.





these varying grafitti tagged smiley faces found at so many of the locations associated with these awful and sad cases of drownings, disappearances and deaths – are put there by the good guys.

i know this to be true because, well…i know them.

i have been honored by the trust that these agents of secretive origin have bestowed upon me, allowing me the most valuable and the rarest access into their very complex practices and rituals.

i have come to respect these rituals as well as those involved in their sigilization – so highly…

i also, certainly, have come to love them.

these seven brilliant, and very mysterious girls.

all of them, now so engrained in my heart and mind –

my sweetest friends and patient teachers…

“my girls”…



for now, i am going to hold back on saying anything else…

but, until the time comes, just remember –

we are all in weird experience of life, all of us, together…

just as – in the end – we all die alone.


all we can do, day to day, moment to moment is…




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