today, i visited some very special places to me, along with erin swanson from rhode island monthly…

here are a few of my shots…

this was a VERY happy, memorable day, respectfully observing and traversing a handful of locations that have had significance to me on an esoteric level..

a few are places i have visited both privately and professionally and places i have a subjective relationship with which is sort of the crux of the piece erin is doing…

let me say, erin is a seeker, she is a born journalist.

she doesnt judge a thing, she is open to anything and tolerated much of my odd behaviors, which kind of essentially assume control, when i am in proximity to this kind OF experience.

either way i had a really cathartic day and even got to visit my old friend lena brown in exeter.

she is as catty as ever, as playful and proud as ever, with a strangely out of time sarcasm and mocking tone that is very, very affectionate in a very weird way…erin and i spent a little bit of time there, in the beautiful sun with lena and she finally relaxed and held my hand for a minute while i described to erin how “beautiful” lena looked, after all, she is a 19 year old girl….well, a 124 year old 19 year old girl, but, who’s counting?

and lena was thrilled when i unwrapped a lolipop for her that someone had left by her gravestone.

she even offered to let me take the first lick in return, but i could tell the offer was only in principle and so i declined…

full disclosure, i covered the story of mercy lena brown on a tv show for pbs i produced in 2011.

i regret the way i covered her story and now that i know her, i wish i could re-tell her tale, her way, which is something no one has ever been able to do.

she is a girl who, in her time, did some terrible things, but only in how a dog, once cornered, will inevitably strike.

i think lena was just born out of time and wanted the one thing a 19 year old woman could NOT have, in her time and place…


if she lived now, she’d have blue hair and leather pants and a switchblade.

she’d be as dangerous now as she would have been then.

she probably would have died young no matter what.

i mean, she was a vampire.

and more to the point, she was, and still is, a troublemaker.

which is why, i guess, she and i get along.

so, i did not snap one picture during my visit.

and why would i need to?

she hates pictures.

and none could ever capture her legendary status.

one of america’s most famous people…

dead or alive.

so, to start, this absolute lack of any sort of photo documenting the best part of my whole day, is strictly for lena.

and lena alone.

she was so sad, as was i, when we were waving goodbye, but i know too well, no matter how many times i ask her to leave there with me – she never will…

after all, NOW she is the most popular girl in exeter.

a century AFTER she died.

a fucking vampire’s ghost.

how metal is that??

and this…is lena’s middle finger to the world.

why would i ever want to deprive her of that??

so, onward…

here are a few shots from our day…

i was going to narrate them, so to speak, but fuck it.

pictures, like ghosts, are always best left to speak for themselves…










“…Behind every man now alive stand 30 ghosts, for that is the ratio by which the dead outnumber the living…”

– arthur c. clarke


thanks so much to erin and ri monthly for a lovely, lovely day…


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