vous êtes secret est bien gardé…

this one had a wild tangle in her dark, blonde hair.

she wandered close by me, with a wobbly charm.

sniffed the air, pretended to take in a nearby painting
of a purple pair of plyers.

she breathed deep by me for a moment and locked my eyes.

i tried to tell her i was a friend.

i think she understood.


she wandered off again, clinging tightly to the unsteady arm
of a lanky, smiley boy.

but for that one shapeless moment, now lost to the void of a perfect present tense, she let me guard her truth while she came up for air.

as her self.


her true face.

as she was, is and forever shall be.

a nighttime companion.

this, a simple trust, shared by two strangers.

a very dangerous combination…

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