greg hart and the SMILEY FACES left behind…

i have spent the last six months researching and personally investigating the death of gregory hart.

for those who need it, here is a primer:

courtesy of:

“…On March 13, 2010, after getting a late start, Gregory Hart, 23, drove his Mustang from Dedham, MA, to the apartment of a friend in Providence, RI. There, he met up with three old college buddies–Will, Zach, and Zach’s girlfriend–to celebrate his new job. By 10 p.m., the group was heading out to the Red Room Tavern at One Fox Place in Providence.

At 1:21 a.m., Hart spoke on the phone with Will, who was at the bar that night. The two spoke for 8 minutes, but it has not been reported what was said. It was the last time Hart’s phone was used.

Friends say that around 1:40 p.m., Greg just got up and left the tavern without saying a word. Nothing unusual appeared to be going on, but Hart left the bar (FOX 25 /, March 15, 2010).

Friends initially speculated that while they returned to their apartment, Hart may have gone to an International House of Pancakes (IHOP) on Promenade Street. But Hart’s brother, JP, later told the Providence Journal that this wasn’t likely. While he and his brother had indeed sometimes walked from the Red Room to the IHOP, it had been in the summer. Family members did not believe Greg would have walked to the pancake house in the rain, and there appears to be no indication that he did so. (Providence Journal).

Cell phone records indicate that, at some point, Hart’s friend, Zach, tried calling Greg’s phone (along with the police and local hospitals) to find out what happened to his friend.

Hart’s family remained uneasy; Greg Hart’s car was still parked outside the apartment building where he had left it, and his cell phone had not been answered.

By Sunday when he still hadn’t returned for the St. Patrick’s Day parade, they became “seriously worried” and they filed a missing person’s report.

Initially, police did not look for the missing University of Massachusetts-Amherst student.

When the police failed to search, family and friends of Greg Hart launched their own search effort. More than 50 people came to the aid of the Hart family, helping to look for Hart and/or post fliers around the area.

On Tuesday, March 16 at around 2:45 p.m., a family friend made a grim discovery just three-quarters of a mile from where Hart had last been seen. Hart’s body was found washed up against a tree limb in the rain-swollen Woonasqatucket River in Providence, “half in and half out” of the water ( It was recovered by rescue crews from the Providence Fire Department.

From the beginning, the Hart family expressed fears that foul play might be involved with Hart’s death. Hart was a licensed and experienced scuba diver and very familiar with the water. There had also been reports that some type of disturbance or altercation had occurred at the bar on the night that Greg Hart disappeared.

“When a sudden death happens in an unusual place under unusual circumstances, it’s suspicious.”
– Maj. Thomas F. Oates III, Providence Police Department
But an autopsy conducted by the Rhode Island Medical Examiner’s office on March 17, indicated that Hart’s death was a drowning and did not appear suspicious.

Yet, police said they would continue to investigate and treat the death as suspicious. “When a sudden death happens in an unusual place under unusual circumstances,” said “Maj. Thomas F. Oates III, commander of the department’s investigative division, “it’s suspicious.” (The Providence Journal, March 20, 2010).

On March 23, the medical examiner announced that Hart had been “highly intoxicated.” The blood alcohol level was not released, but John Hart told the Providence Journal that investigators told him that his son’s blood-alcohol level was more than .25. This is more than three times the legal limit of .08 for driving in Rhode Island. According to research by the paper, “most with levels between .21 and .29 would be subject to memory blackouts, staggering, double vision, loss of understanding of surroundings, poor judgment, impaired reactions and loss of balance.”

Also at that time, police announced that they had found no evidence to suggest Hart had been involved in a fight. However, Hart’s family said Hart’s body had numerous injuries that suggested he had been in a fight, including: a broken cheekbone, jaw, eye socket, chipped tooth, cuts on his lips and knuckles, injuries to his palm and bruises on both legs in the same location. The family believes he was beaten up, possibly murdered.

Hart’s father also said he believes a search should have been launched by the police after they heard about the possible disturbance at the bar.

The medical examiner addressed the family’s concerns two days later, stating that any injuries found on Gregory Hart’s body were caused after he drowned. His body had been in the fast- flowing Woonasquatucket River for an estimated 2-3 days. The Providence Police Department and the medical examiner maintained that there were no signs of foul play.

The Hart family has hired an attorney to investigate the handling of the investigation. Police stand behind their investigation and say it was thorough, but the family has reported that the following areas are of particular concern:

Potential Conflict of Interest
Providence detective, Mark Sacco, who began investigating the case one day before Hart was found owns the property that the Red Room bar sits on. The bar itself is owned by Rebecca Caroll, the wife of Providence police detective, Shawn Carroll. The family of Greg Hart feels that this is a conflict of interest. In addition, there are no records of potential witnesses at the bar (e.g., bouncers, bartenders) ever having been interviewed by the police (

Possible altercation at the bar
A police report, according to ABC6, says a disturbance of some kind (it is not known when or what type), occurred shortly before Greg disappeared. Hart’s body had also suffered the type of injuries that may be indicative of a fight (broken facial bones, chipped tooth, cuts on lips and knuckles, bruising on palm and legs.) There were also two bruises in the same place on each leg, possibly caused by restraining Greg Hart.

Inconsistencies with police reports
The initial police incident report from March 14, states that police found Hart’s cell phone and a house key in the bar’s parking lot. The report also states that police called his cellphone at that time and that it rang several times before going to voicemail. A police report two days later said that Hart’s phone was found in the water along with Hart’s partially submerged body and his driver’s license.

Hart’s Shattered iPhone
The police returned Hart’s iPhone to the family in approximately 5 pieces. Officers told the family that even State Police experts were unable to retrieve any information from it because it had been in the water. However, technicians at AT&T told the Hart family that it had been taken apart in such a way that no information could be retrieved (

Damaged indicator on iPhone
“This [phone] definitely wasn’t in the water, definitely, 100 percent, this was not in the water.”
– Alfred Demirjian, data recovery expert
The Hart family was able to take the phone to data recovery experts at TechFusion. The company found that the phone could not possibly have been in contact with water, as stated in the police report. The style of the Apple iPhone that Hart had is equipped with tiny indicators deep in the phone that signal whether the phone had been submerged in water or a liquid. According to Alexander Gessen, a data recovery expert at the company, Apple has installed these indicators in order to help determine whether the phone has been submerged or come into contact with a liquid that might void the warranty. Evidence indicates that the indicator on Hart’s phone, something very difficult to remove, had been intentionally scratched off.

Alfred Demirjian, a data recovery expert at the company said, “This definitely wasn’t in the water, definitely, 100 percent, this was not in the water.” (, 11/1/10).

Data Recovery from Cell Phone
TechFusion was also able to rebuild Hart’s phone and compare the text messages and phone logs to AT&T’s cell phone logs to authenticate them. The data included a log of the last 100 calls and the contents of the final 599 text messages, which indicate that the iPhone was not in the water. The family has declined to release the contents of the recovered data for fear of compromising any criminal case that may come from it.

Length of Time in Water
A white shirt returned to the family seems to be more river-stained than the shirt that Hart was wearing over it. The family has also said that the body itself was not as waterlogged as it should have been after 48 hours in the water.

About Greg Hart
Providence Police Lt. George Stamatakos described Hart as “a nice kid with a great family.” Gregory Hart had just moved to Dedham, Massachusetts. He was a cum laude graduate of the University of Massachusetts-Amherst where he had studied economics and tutored students, and had been accepted into an officer’s program to be a Navy fighter pilot. Relatives attributed his success to his hard work in school after receiving below-average grades his freshman year in college. He had just landed a new job at Meditech in Westwood, MA–a job that would give him some real money for the first time, according to–and he was scheduled to begin work on Monday, March 15. He was not typically a late-night partier.

The news has devasted his family. “He’s my heart. I can’t even function. Nothing’s important anymore,” said his mother, Marianne Hart, told the Providence Journal. Hart’s father said his son was his “best friend.” Relatives say he was also kind and generous, spending much of last year caring for his mother during breast cancer treatment…”


on 4/8/13…i conducted a territorial forensic investigation, based on my own research and this is just a tiny bit of what i uncovered…

there is much more to this story as i see it.

but, for now…

The Three Locations:

the following area represents the first of three locations that i believe comprises the map of gregory hart’s murder.

first, we visit the former RedRoom Bar, at 1 Fox Place, found in a quite shadowy nook of the city of Providence, RI.

i would be willing to bet that many citizens of the area probably wouldnt even notice this little block of Providence, as it is hidden amongst some of the looming vestigial mill buildings directly adjacent to the highway offramp that leads to the mall and downcity…

this quiet block is also found right on the outskirts of the bustling, gentrified West Side District, and directly beneath the heart of historic Federal Hill, where so many of the cities best bars and restaraunts are located.

this location, while renamed, is still an active bar, under the same ownership – providence detectives Mark Sacco and Sean Carroll, who ALSO ORIGINALLY INVESTIGATED THE GREGORY HART DEATH; a pretty obvious conflict of interest no matter how you slice it, but, as they say here, in a very notoriously corrupt city…”welcome to providence.”

also, in the three years since greg hart’s death, the RedRoom, as i mentioned, has since been (rather strangely) renamed as – Saints and Sinners Lounge.

at the time of greg’s death, the ‘smiley face theory’ was in full bloom, thanks to the internet and upwards of 100 other possible victims whose case profiles fit greg hart’s almost too perfectly.

this well respected and, at times, obtuse theory was clearly brought to the attention of RI police investigators by many, including myself, the two new york detectives (Gannon and Duarte) who originated it – as well as members of greg hart’s own family – and the theory was neither considered nor audited to any notable degree, at least as far as my own extensive research has been able to uncover.

it seems as though, the local and state detectives simply ‘decided’ how this terrible event occured and it is well known that greg hart’s family has not accepted the ‘accidental death’ filing presented by state and city official then or now.

detective sacco is even quoted as suggesting to greg hart’s family that “he would be found in the water”, far before that outcome had been reached.

i was personally told by a providence detective, who for now shall remain anonymous, that “there was nothing at all, including graffiti or smiley face art, discovered anywhere in proximity to where gregory hart was found dead, that would at all suggest any connections to such a theory…”

and yet…

i wonder if this faded image is not, in fact, a smiley face
emblem, and one, again, in fact, that i discovered in plain sight of the entire area of Fox Place, in a very well lit position.

i discovered this image on 40813, over three years after greg hart suddenly, inexplicably disappeared…therefor, if this is a true smiley face marker…the wear and tear of new england seasons have taken its toll…

however, i ask you…

is this a smiley face?


based on my work, i believe it clearly is.

also, i, for one, feel it would be vital to confirm or disqualify this faded image as a smiley face tag or not for obvious reasons.

if only the official investigators felt the same way…

i mean, it is rudimemtary investigative procedure to account for all options until evidence is somehow reached.

regardless of the validity of the “smiley faces” involved in numerous deaths across the country being truly associated with these crimes…they are CLEARLY a pattern…

as i see it, patterns are a language…and, to me, a very distinct pattern that is a COMMUNICATION…regardless of what they mean…these smiley faces mean SOMETHING.

the question is, how to discern the language they are speaking and what message they hold in the silence and stillness of thier lasting image amd how or how not that message relates to the crimes they seem to

one of the pieces of accepted evidence in another of these ‘smiley face’ cases, is a graffiti communication found directly adjacent to one of these insignias…

it states:

“you cant see what you’re not lookin for”



it is well known that the ‘smiley face’ is the most ubiquitous graffiti tag found anywhere in the world.

so, what i am merely suggesting is that if other similar tag imagery has been discovered in other locations where similar incidents have occurred, than maybe you could discern physical evidence from the paint, or date of application or patterning or even the design that may very well lead to forensic development…if not direct connective evidence.

if no one looks, then…guess what?

nothing will ever be found.


“you cant see what you arent lookin for”

i have decided not to identify the second location’s exact address yet, as i believe it is where gregory hart was murdered, before being deposited into the river nearby.

the following smiley face IS NOT the only forensic evidence i discovered at this location to back this theory up with direct evidence of foul play.

however, here is the smiley face that i believe denotes the murder location of gregory hart…


the third relevant smiley face tag was found by myself directly at the Eagle Street Bridge, where many, including myself, believe gregory hart’s body was deposited into the cold, stagnant flood drain waters of that portion of this river AFTER he was murdered…

this is a lazy part of the woonasquatucket river, that if followed, leads directly into the underbelly of the modern commerce center of the city of Providence – the Providence Place Mall.


this is the single best angle I could acheive, as the city is currently dismantling this bridge and the police officer on duty laughed me off, and would not even allow me to explain to him the possible importance of this graffiti’s preservation.

however, even at this somewhat obscure angle, you can still clearly distinguish the yellow smiley face logo, staring back at you.

more will follow.


i can be contacted at any time…

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  1. I have followed this story on Footprints. Shame on the PPD for their incorrect reporting. The night he went missing there was flooding rain in RI. ….In the Eagle Brook Center all the stores has video cameras but none were working. The market had a video camera from their loading dock….which would have faced the bridge. I heard that the police confiscated it. The family was in touch with Kevin Gannon and the SFK was considered but ruled out.

  2. Kelle Tallman Laws Says:

    Just Following Your Lead..

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