i have been toiling away on research directly related to ‘smiley faces’ and look what begins to manifest into my already weird reality..

first, here is a smiley face on my bedroom chair…


next…these appear on my desk.

note the actual fingermarks making the smile…


finally…and, btw….all of these manifestations appeared on 3/28/13…..

here are two smiley faces left on the doorstep. i found them as i went for my daily walk….

its a magikal world.

all you have to do is look and listen….


…and this language of personal meaning will reveal itself to you…

updated 4/16/13…

this “calling card” was left for me when i got up from my table where i was having coffee this morning…

at least time and space has a sense of humor…


also, i notice a biblical reference at the bottom of the card…

‘philippians 4:4’

Final Exhortations
“Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice!”

rejoice, indeed….

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