The Cold Black Fire…

for lis. xo….

The Cold Black Fire

You came through,
with the wind and the rain.

Your heart, a violent beat
across a golden field.

You shelter me,
through restless nights.
You hold me close,
into uneasy morning.

You bring me safety
in times that lapse into despair.
You let my shadow
sit quiet in your mind.

You have asked nothing of me.
But for my mind,
My heart,
and, of course, my will to believe.

To believe
in the prism
of our new control.

You, me and us…

A Trinity.

I listen for your voice across the city silence.
I search bruised horizons for the spectre of your presence,
all angles and violent depths of azure,
rising like a king,
and setting like a sun.

I feel your thoughts,
your derision,
your schemes…

I walk beneath halogen lamps
and green moonlight
in the thick of a tall, cool grass.

I walk alone
and regard nothing
as true.

In mystery,
and in darkness,

and in waiting.

Two of us, twins
within the slip of chance
one body,
phasing in and out
an endless, dying tide.

I carry you willingly.

I’ll carry you until the fall.

With all of my being,
all of my familiarity,
All of it, Lisbeth,

is yours.

Even as cipher,
even in spirit,
even if I ask of you,
Everything that never was.

In return,
you show me
your true face.

One bred of desolate roads,
of burning churches
of distant static
in a wasteland of noise
one of sympathy
and one of tireless vengeance.

A face i feel
within my own features,
carving itself out of wet stone…

Pale and white and stark and cold,
as driven as you are divine.
Your eyes, wild and young.
Your hair, a cold black fire.

Your skin as smooth as lies.

I kneel to you.
As nothing.

As no one…
entirely as I am.

Without you,
the rain hides my head
in sorrow.

Until, again, I catch your frequency
a wild, starving chill
echoing in the depths of my spine,
in the flow of my blood,
in the wiry grip of my hands.

You drift in,
winds rising up
like a weapon,
or a siren,

and then…

Your gaze, like the past,
bleeds through me,
and we become each other,
A sequence
of disreality
more true
than flesh
or bone.

I humble myself before you.

And for you,
I would burn the world
if only to see you
rule the ashes.

You are a lion.

I lay my head
at your feet.

I do not deserve you.

You just roll your eyes,

and whisper into the air…

“Aide toy, Dieu te aidera, boy, Aide toy, Dieu te aidera”….


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