Chris Dorner, the LAPD and ‘Good Housekeeping’…


this is part one of the research and contextualization I did myself on literally, JUST ONE, of the MANY, MANY flagrant, arrogant, violent and disturbing discrepancies not just related to but, in my opinion, DEFINING the complete and utter anarchy that broke out like a virus in Los Angeles last week, creating a paradigm of WAR on the streets of an already precariously unstable city that spilled across highways, towns, homes and ultimately the forest primeval…where a BIG BEAR of a man was HUNTED and stripped of his rights, cornered like the exile animal he had become, where he was publicly, openly executed, almost ritualistically…

You just can’t make this stuff up.


And, again. As I have said before…this event, in my opinion, is just another communication.

In a very rare, very special language we don’t even know we can speak. ¬†Because we don’t…

When simple words cannot define something so profound, we speak our fears in the language of myth…

THIS is another WARning. Another alarm. Another desperate scream to ourselves saying, to me, oh my god we have GONE INSANE…



From us. To us.

with something that resembles love.



or maybe i am wrong.


One Response to “Chris Dorner, the LAPD and ‘Good Housekeeping’…”

  1. just noticed…the word file is 666 mbs.


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