the sun does not revolve around the earth.

Today feels like such a normal, brisk, autumn day.

And yet.

Today is anything but normal.

Today, October 17th, 2012, marks the beginning of the official, meticulously organized public indoctrination of highly controlled information, pertaining to the discovery of a ‘planetoid mass’ now moving directly into and through our cosmic backyard.

In and of itself, that makes for a very exciting news story. See for yourself…

Very cool, right?

Well, there is SO much more to this story.

Today is a fucking historic day.

Let me explain.

Earlier this month, I posted a document that summed up an 8 month voyage into the lunatic fringes of Ufology. For those of you who were gracious enough to read and consider my document, a unifying theory of UFOs entitled : ‘THE LAST DAYS OF DREAMLAND’, which can be found here as well as circulating the web, I thank you. Part of my exposure during this exceptionally surreal period of my year, was being brought into the corral of information and opinion regarding a secret that I was literally shocked to be put in front of.

This year, while involved in my totally immersive, dangerously obsessive, desperate and euphoric UFO investigation, I had  spent a drifting number of consecutive months providing research and analysis in collaboration with a few ufologically iconic parties, as well as the, in most cases, level headed, logical scientists, CIA agents, politicians, and researchers who were capably and feverishly working along with them, all within a clandestine and very esoteric government framework on a very highly classified  “Q” project that from its inception in 1983 until today was at all times only referred to as :


In this case, the OS classification referred to the accidental discovery and subsequent purposeful evaluation of a so-called ‘planetoid mass’ that was to on its labored way to soon becoming a “permanent fixture” in our long held and neatly ordered galactic neighborhood.

The thing is, this mercurial object of incalculable immensity and untouchable grandeur was, and is actually – for lack of a more appropriate term – a massive, planetary UFO, that is “three quarters the size of our moon”

Did you get that?

This new “planet” that, as of today, will begin to dominate world news cycles through the holiday season is a fucking mothership.

From Zeta Reticulum.

So, yeah. There’s that.

Merry Christmas!

To suggest I was staggered by this, oh, ephemeral, little old shred of whacked out NSA/DoD  intel would, obviously, be an epic understatement.

And that was before I saw it myself.

And then…well…

The truth is, the AFOSI / SAD control group (echeop – ‘birdplay) that was, and I believe still is, tasked with the predictive actuarial data and structural farming of intel representing this mind-numbing discovery has been in 24/7/365 motion since the scheduled departure of this object from its systemic cradle in the year 1983.

I know this because I was more than generously made privy to a modest few of the quite sophisticated investigational op-reports, full of bizarre contradictory considerations and behavior based actuarial probabilities – (religious conversion estimates, religious abandonment estimates, terrestrial anxiety threat matrix, cdc exposure grids etc….fun stuff….needless to say i was fuzzy headed by the end of that day.)

This massive interdimensional craft (yes…as in fucking INTERDIMENSIONAL.) now successfully and quite monatomically cresting our ext. solar system and, most prolifically, the myriad interstellar occupants who are in no uncertain terms categorically ‘driving’ this forceful, upending moon sized evolution of our usually otherwise basic and static reality are literally, well…almost here.

1.8 million of them. Huh, wha? Ok… One more time.

1.8 million beings from Zeta Reticulum.

The intel I was given to include in my DREAMLAND paper stated that the origin date being utilized for the target release of  intl. media packets would be  – OCTOBER 13th 2012. As in, the other day.

When that nerve wracking day came and went, with no cavalier announcements or pre-empted reality shows, I will honestly say I breathed a deep, cleansing sigh of relief. I was more than happy to have just been crazy.

Because plain old crazy is MUCH less FUCKING CRAZY than this.

You see, UFOs almost killed me.

I most definitely had my subjective reality bent incalcuably by my 8 months of mentally disturbing esoteric experiences. I say this and I mean it….I went as fucking far as you can go down the UFO rabbit hole without being Roy Fucking Neary. I saw it all.  All of it.

I was even given what the psyops/MISO details call – ‘the experience‘. Which, yes, was as horrifying as it sounds.

If someone ever offers you the chance to have ‘the experience’, fucking run.

The whole weird ass 8 months in the UFO trenches thoroughly kicked my reality square in the nuts.

So, yeah. Let me just say this….Believe me or don’t. I don’t give a shit.


So, get ready. Or don’t.

The insanely closely calibrated media campaign that officially began today – October 17th– is truly only the tip of the iceberg . The presentation of informative discourse geared towards a calm, rational shiny and happy blahblahblah will be geared towards socialized understanding of this object’s ‘meaning(i love that.), its origin and its celestial trajectory; as well as utilizing marketing literally geared TWEEN (no joke.) in order to better humanize the ‘beings’ and their, let’s just say, eccentric psychological and socio-cultural paradigms and rituals. All that will come into play later on, probably in early December. There will be a whole lot of inundation at work.

2013 is going to be a very unique year.

And on and on it goes.

By 2015, they hope, you and your hopefully not emotionally and spiritually devastated family will be hopefully geared towards the highest possible level of ritualized (Hey guys, remember new year eve….guys….??) acceptance and socialized (god help us.) control – all  in the totally upside down irrationally illogical face of what will be, even in the best case scenario,  one of the biggest  fucking total monumental shit-storms in the complete and utter history of universal scientific, cultural and spiritual understanding. Fire! Brimstone! Fuck work! (oh wait, fuck it…i’m unemployed…)


Or it won’t.

Its up to us.


So, anyway.

The beings themselves, from my very limited exposure to them ON ONE OF THEIR FREAKING SHIPS (sportsmodel.) IN FREAKING OUTER SPACE (so, i freaked out, totally puked and totally cried. i even called one of the beings ‘count chocula‘ on account to his very odd cape and collar, which i still don’t get…for reals…. ha!), they physically appear actually comfortably similar to our recognizably familiar forms. They are NOT creepy needly ‘grey’ aliens, who want desperately to slip you a roofie and probe your hoo-hoo with with an ipod….in reality, heh..they are kind of basically like us. I mean they look different….It isn’t scary, though….As far as interdimensional space beings go, we could have done a LOT worse. Oh, yeah, one thing…they don’t die. How? They never bothered with a funny thing we call TIME. Without the knowledge of time, I guess they didn’t need to invent death…Huh….How about that?…. Oh. And as you may have guessed, they do speak telepathically. Exceptthey speak in YOUR voice. Potheads are going to love it….

so yeah, blahblahblah, they are weird.

Hey look. There are impenetrable emotional and psychological chasms that exist between us and, admittedly, that is quite unnerving to, at least, me. I get it. I am after all, human. And we all know just how well humans do when dealing with cultural strangeness and ambiguity…There are going to be a couple things about these beings…Some of their practices,  internally, that’ll  probably freak some people out. Like really freak them out…So…yeah.

The beings of Zeta Reticulum do, by so many accountsincluding my own which was documented in Nevada, appear, in all seriousness, to be quite capably intelligent, benevolent, open, and yet, admittedly, quite odd. They are not MILLIONS of yearsADVANCED, or a, “HIVE MIND”, actually most of the more sci-fi elements just arent there. They are just sort of normal, weird, lonely people from far away. They have eyes you can look into and divine something and they have hands you can touch and shake.  They smile. They are very graceful.


And they do not poop.

I know — WAAAAT?!??!


They are VERY similar to us.  They aren’t aliens. They are people, and yes I do mean people ( get used to that term being utilized from moment one…after all, ostensibly they are human, as upsetting and/or amazing as that sounds to you…) they categorically share a  physiological genetic heritage with us. You’ll see. We are going to have all sorts of new social issues to debate….endlessly….ugh.

There are two kinds. Small, kind of adorable ones, called ‘drivers’ who look like little asian people with lumpy heads. And the ‘ambassadors’, tall refined ones, that float when they walk and are similar enough to the traditional ‘alien’ description. Except not really. They have beady, thinking  eyes. They are wrinkly. And very…well, kind.

Whatever. blahblahblahaliens.

You’ll see for yourself soon enough.

That was too dramatic. Sorry.

(btw, I would be happy to provide my 1800+ page research doc that  I personally crafted that illuminates many corroborative details regarding these esoteric beings of Zeta Reticulum as well how we got to this point with UFOs blahblahblah….and…. my DREAMLAND paper is also downloadable too.)

Look, no matter what, something BIG like this is going to have to be a long slow road.

For all of us. Both of us, all of us,  I mean.

That is an unavoidable fact.

What i do know is that this entirely mythic human event should be seen for what it is – hopefully –  a cathartic and brilliantly positive touchstone of universal harmonic growth and inspirational significance.

Or…it’ll be, as I stated, a holy fucking shit-storm.

Or both.

In reality, who the fuck knows what to expect. But, then again, yeah…I WAS IN FREAKING SPACE!!

These interstellar pilgrims  are real. 

You’ll find that out. Its all real. So get ready.

They don’t seem to be here to selfishly consume our bountiful, virginal resources here on glorious earth, nor, really, would they have any tangible interest in much of what we have left to offer in any regard;  nor –  are they in any way representatives of some cliched end of days bullshit, be it Mayan prophetic nonsense, illuminati blahblahblah, or any other vein of insidiously nihilistic fatalism that we can/have/will muster. Oh, and fuck anyone that says this is NIBIRU. They are just dumb.


This beautiful and terrible transitional moment can be whatever the hell we make of  it.

It’s magic. For real. We made it.

We need to at least try (IMHO) to set a peaceful precedent from moment one.


I believe that setting a sense of mutual respect and dignity  in place right up front, and then CARRYING THROUGH and not being a planet full of assholes is entirely crucial in the long-term spectrum of wherever the hell we are heading.

And honestly, it truly doesn’t matter to me if anyone believes this wholeheartedly or instinctually scoffs at the admittedly HUGE STUPID CRAZY sounding assertions that I am making here. I don’t really give a shit.

However, I do happen to know what is coming once the mothership takes it place above us in the sky.


SO cool.

Our human horizon is about to physically and, in weirder ways, metaphysically change.

And, I mean change forever.

And ever.

But, that’s what we need. Even if it ain’t gonna be what a lot of people want.

We are not alone.

We never were.

We cannot just grace over this. Not this time.

We cannot allow ourselves be primitive, territorial and reactionary.

But, then again, we probably will.

We need to try to be open.

Which, I know, for us humans, is a tall, if not fucking impossible order. So prove me wrong?

Or don’t.

But let’s at least try. IF this all happens. Which is me being kind.

Because it is ABOUT TO HAPPEN.

And because I’m worried. And not at all about space aliens.

I worry for us.


That we are so stuck in our own dumb little world, that we aren’t even going to notice that they have arrived.


Boy, I worry about it every day.


But, then again…tonight, I’m watching netflix and eating ice cream.



And then maybe I’ll do a some crying.




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