the octopus.

the octopus document was and is one of the most striking and violently prophetic documents ever to be released on the net.

danny casolaro, a crusader and journalist, crafted this piece from boundless clippings, sources and deductive clues, and it surges with a raw current of venomous truth. the truth is, this document is fucking epic.

it was danny casolaro’s truth. i find that my jaw hangs slack every time i read it. it is a manic and compulsive document and it sent a shockwave through the corridors of corruption and oppression that lingers on into now, the permanent present.

danny casolaro believed in himself, his work and, ultimately, his truth.

danny casolaro paid for that truth with his life. On 8/10/91 danny casolaro was found dead in a west virginia hotel. his wrists slashed a dozen times.

in death, he was rendered silent, but through his profound occupation with the truth, he was never silenced.

danny casolaro quite simply weaponized information.

in that, he was ahead of his time.

i wonder what the hell has changed? look at this country. this world. and ask yourself a simple question…why?

we all see the signs, yet who of us rises up, regardless of the cost to say – no more?

we all have lives. we all have risks. we all have something to lose. we all play a part.

no one is neutral.

no one has any excuse.

in our apathy, we are losing the world. losing our freedom.    we are losing our minds.

but…there is always a voice, like danny casolaro, that rises up and strikes a chord. that screams out and snaps the slumber of the lost.

i  know someone so committed to truth, so electrified by its unwavering call to arms, so disgusted by the corruption right in front of our eyes, that she has truly risked her own life.

then again, i think she actually lost her life a long time ago. she chose to let it go so she could become something else entirely.


in the name of her truth and her cause, she has had no choice but to hide deep and alone in the fringes of the web, in the shadows of the zero’s and the one’s, unable to trust, unwavering in her mission, undaunted by the wolves and with a fire in her eyes that burns in my heart. I am so proud to know her, even if i don’t.

she is a ghost.

unable to simply be.

but not to me.

she is my inspiration. i am humbled by her.

actually, i am more than inspired by her…i am charged. hostile. defiant.

and ready.

you know who you are. i’m here whenever you need me. if you ever do…xo.

“beware the sleeping dragon, for when she awakens the earth will tremble…”   -Winston Churchill.

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  1. for you, whoever you are, watching me watching you….

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