‘The Grand Deception’.

So. This is the first part of my 1800 page historically re-contextualized, HIGHLY subjective research file on the subject of The Disinformation Age of US Ufology that I compiled as both reference and as a developing narrative of its own while completely immersed in my 8 month absolutely obsessive and self-destructive/euphoric UFO investigation. This was, and is, my ‘bible’ of net based raw information; containing anecdotal evidence, mythic storytelling, charged testimony, outright lies, beautiful disinformation and kitchen sink ephemera that I collected, meticulously organized and filed into this strange, sprawling intangible account of both the last 30+ years of American UFO history and myth as well as my own surreal descent into the literal mental illness that is UFOs. This book/file is totally  intended to read very much like a novel  (Imagine John LeCarre on DMT), or, it can be seen as my attempt to construct an ‘all-in-one UFO.Disinfo.file’ that can be interacted with, referenced, added to and/or evolved, as a living document of sorts.  
I dedicate this work to Tom Mahood and The Octopus. 


Part 1 of 4 is entitled : 

1 – THE GRAND DECEPTION.   (click link for media.)

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