The Last Days of Dreamland.

My name is Christian White. I reside in Providence, RI. I am an Internet Forensics expert with an intelligence background and specializations in esoteric paradigms and serial criminal pathology. Recently, I spent a life-changing 8 months of 18 hour days and 7 day weeks obsessively researching, contextualizing and developing a unifying theory of UFOs.

I call this document : ‘The Last Days of Dreamland.’

I wanted to take this opportunity to share my work here. My investigation into the nature of UFOs was a profound awakening for me, which not only completely altered my professional life, but also literally skewed the very reality I exist within. UFOs are a deeply infectious memetic virus of human mental consciousness. I am irreversibly infected, or as I prefer to call it – UFO+.  I feel that my time in the trenches of ufology rewired my mind and recreated my very identity and I have the deepest respect for those who stare into the face of the staggeringly visceral and enigmatic meta-reality that is UFOs.

I owe so many brilliant and generous investigators whose monumental intellectual efforts, direction and advice inspired and enlightened my personal journey. Dr. Jacques Vallee,  Norio Hayakawa, Matt Moniz, Bob Lazar, and John Lear are just a  few, of the pioneers of Ufology to whom I owe immortal appreciation. The knowledge and experiences I engendered while fully immersed in the tangential reality of UFOs now undeniably informs everything I do in my life and career today. This document represents everything I have come to believe about the rabbit hole that is – UFOs.

I hope you might be inclined to give it a chance.  I am open to all points of view and would certainly be totally appreciative of any kind of thoughts or critiques. If you would like to comment here, feel free. Otherwise, you can reach me at …

Thank you….

The Last Days of Dreamland. (simply click this link.)

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